Thursday, May 26, 2011

spoke too soon

I spoke too soon.
Hugo won't be my office cat. He came and left.
He spends all his time on the deck or in the bathroom sink.

and not in the office.
He seeks me out for brushings
but that's it.
I'm not sad, though
since another kitty has joined me

while I blog
and she seems to be staying longer. She makes me happy. 

My favorite night-time snack is popcorn. I have been eating LOTS of it since I am limiting my sugar intake lately. That's ok.....I love it. It makes me happy.
Did you know that putting popcorn in a polka-dot bowl makes it taste even better?
Getting my last colour done today before the wedding. Brit (the bride) is my hairdresser so she'll do some mixing up of shades and come up with the winner. At 58... you colour your hair.
Gary and I were out for dinner last night and a couple who we've known for years came over to the table to ask about the wedding plans. I said "17 more days left to get ready". Gary stopped chewing and looked at me with a dumb-founded look. "What? 17 days? Are you kidding me?"  He was serious. Can I ask you what it is with men? 

hugs, Deb


  1. I have yet to meet a man that likes going to weddings, sometimes, even their own! I didn't know popcorn tastes better in a polka-dot bowl. I put mine in a white bowl with tiny pink roses and thought that did a pretty good job :-)

  2. Hugo looks like a guy who likes the outdoors! Glad another lovely friend has visited you in the blogging room. Oh wow, 17 days!! Men and that's all I can say about that. hugs, Linda

  3. Eating our of pretty bowls makes everything taste great. Good luck with the wedding prep!

  4. We thought Hugo would be perfect for the job but it looks like another taker is up to the task. I'm avoiding breads, flour, rice and potatoes No dairy or sugar either. A couple of years ago I followed this diet and lost those pesky extra 10 pounds rather quickly.. Ate lots of veggies and moderate meat. I actually ate more than usual and still lost. I recently saw on Dr. Oz's show that asparagus and broccoli use more calories to eat than they contain. So I'm on an asparagus and broccoli bender. Helps that they are two of my favourite.