Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Enough rain to make a girl bake

I love flat-faced pussycats (thanks, Cheryl)

This cat signifies how I feel today. It has rained for 3 days straight.
BUT....when it rains I bake muffins.They are still hot from the oven. I started doing that when I  got married 130 some years ago. I have eaten one million muffins.
These are banana blueberry and I have already posted the recipe. If you do want it though just let me know. Great way to use up those brown bananas & blue blueberries :)

I'm caring for Helma the German Shepherd again. Her 'dad' is off on a business trip so she gets to guard her property for awhile. I tell ya, I wouldn't want to jump the fence when she's around. She's a good guard dog although you may be able to charm her with one of my hot from the oven muffins.
I'm finishing up with Max tonight. He's been a lot of fun. You'll see him Friday.

"What kind of tea goes well with these muffins, you ask? My favorite is Chamomile Tea with organic honey."
 Maybe I just like it 'cause the chamomile plant looks like a daisy.

hugs, Deb (rain, rain....go away)


  1. Now you have me drooling for one of those delicious looking muffins ...shame on you.
    No rain here.... dry as a bone. Send it towards Texas.

  2. Your muffins look wonderful..cut kitty too! It's snowing I am baking bread today, throwing in all kinds of grains and goodies. :D

  3. Send us some rain! We're behind in our yearly average, a whopping FOUR inches.

  4. I'm sure we'd all love your recipe for these yummy muffins. Can you tell us the date when you posted the recipe? They sound phenomenal! We've never had that combo in a muffin before!!!!! Thanks so much.

  5. Rain, Rain go away! Love your muffins! My daughter baked some wonderful muffins for me the other day. yum!

  6. love visiting you so much...

    kary and teddy and the kittys at farmhouse kitchen