Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My bud

This church is in the little town of Pakenham, Ontario. I wish I had taken note of the name of it but it was a hot day and all I could think of was getting to Scoops Ice Cream shop.  

I love passing by this church on our daily walk at noon. This is St. James Anglican Church in Carleton Place. Today was hot and Kane actually had to have a break under a tree to rest a bit. He is getting older (just like me) and I am seeing some changes in him. He daudles now and can't play ball like he used to. He wants to play but if we go too long he will be sore after. We just pace it now so he doesn't overdo it. He sleeps more  during the day and his meals have become more important to him. He will be 11 years old soon and my vet told me last week that that is a respectable age for his breed and to expect maybe 2 more years. I wanted to cry. I felt like he had been given a death sentence. She said he is in good shape and that I should be proud of his care. I am, and I want him to live forever. I won't accept what she said.

and that's that!
Must I remind her the age of my cats.
hugs, Deb


  1. You're right not to accept what the vet said. With the exceptional homemade diet, and all the love and care you give Kane, there's plenty of reason to believe he'll exceed his expected lifespan. After Gracie turned 10 I realized her good health cannot last forever and our time together is limited. I can't bear the thought of being parted from her. Yet I know it will happen, so I try to let her know how much I love and appreciate her every day. Enjoy every day you have with your best friend. Did Kane get to share a treat from Scoops? Gracie loves vanilla and butter pecan ice cream, but she doesn't get it very often.

  2. I know how you feel, been there with many a loved animal and I still and always will think of and remember them. Sweet Kane, give him a hug for me. :D

  3. That is a very bootiful church. It's so hard when our dear pets good old and we have to think about facing our world without them.