Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another busy, hairy day

The sun shone bright today and all my own kitties came to worship it.

Pretty Molly had a nice brushing today. She is so timid and shy.
Dominique must get prettied up every day. She says it's one of my DUTIES.
She wants the full hour spa treatment
After caring for Helma, the shepherd, Kane & I headed out to the country again today to care for country cats.
  Funny the things you find in the country (old bath tub)

So another day is done and I tell ya.......
this cat-sitter is exhausted.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, you ooze kindness and peace, even in photos of you. No wonder da kitteez love you so.

    i love Dominique's markings!

  2. Your kitties are so pretty.....
    However..... I'm not sure I've ever seen an ugly cat.
    You look so relaxed.... what a great life!

  3. Molly and Dominique are beautiful kitties. You treats them well, Deb
    I guess you will get a surprise gift from them for your hard work in this weekend ( Mother day )
    Have a lovely relax weekend

  4. I just got a new brush for Charlie and he now loves his 'spa' treatments also. I love the face on them when they get brushed.

  5. Ha! Priceless photo of you and the kittie!!

  6. That one shot of Molly looking at the camera is really adorable! We have a few who are sun worshipers, too. Keep posting such great photos from the spa!


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