Friday, September 9, 2011


"Pssssst...Hugo, did you leave a dead mouse on the driveway?"

"Not a dead mouse."

"Right now there lies a ginormous dead mouse beside my car, HUGO."

"Well, he wasn't dead last time I saw him. Are you Sure YOU didn't hit him with the car?"

"Hugo...I'm not happy with you hunting and leaving carcasses outside the house. I want you to stop."
 "OK...sorry. Next time I'll bring him in"

hugs, Deb


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  2. Too funny!
    We often find dead creatures outside the house; usually without a head. I wonder if that is the tastey part...Bob won't tell us. Maybe he is afraid that we might want our share? LOL

  3. Oh my! Makes me very glad Charlie stays inside. We have found parts of mice when we had an outdoor cat next door. Ick!

  4. If you didn't see them doing it you would think they were that innocent. But we know better:)


  5. Hugo does look innocent, but......that sly look in the second photo gives him away!

  6. How lucky to have found it outside the of our cats brought one to us in the middle of the night...and left in the bed between my husband and I...yuk!...luckily mice don't scare me...poor thing was still warm...wasn't sure if I should have tried to revive it or give it back to the cat...hubby gave it a proper burial in the woods...cats are a hoot...we have 5 and there's never a dull moment...

    Enjoy your blog...


  7. Carleton Place, hummm, we stayed in Barrhaven and commuted in to the Iris St. Bus Station area where more relatives live.

    Thanks for the invitation, not sure when we'll be back in the area

  8. Pillows make nice presentation places for dead mice. We're just saying....

  9. Lol ! that's what my cats do (unfortunately) and sometimes still alive !

  10. Hugo brought you a mousie! He loves you and wants to please you. Isn't he a dear!
    How are his blood sugar level doing? He certainly looks the picture of health.
    Love to all.

  11. That was a good one. I loved how you used your photos to illustrate the post. Boo caught his first mouse this summer. We congratulated him, and threw it into the compost pile. Later that night the Raccoon from my kitchen, yes it really was in there, ate the mouse.

    I have no idea if Boo was upset or not. The raccoon is not one for sharing.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. Its too funny! Its very interesting! Hugo....
    Nice expression...