Wednesday, September 7, 2011

'Madame' of the House & the moochers

After getting my hair trimmed this morning and a visit with Riley, I was off to cat-sit and house-sit.

I have been caring for Josephine this week. She has cattitude...can you tell?

She's so lovely to look at (and she knows it) and we are fast becoming good friends.
She sits on this lovely wicker chair adorned with toile-covered cushions and glares at the 2 moochers who will be waiting for their treat on the back deck as I leave. If looks could kill....

"Same time tomorrow, right Deb?"

Meanwhile, back home these two are watching a movie.
It's about three cats caught in a 'triangle affair'. I hope Lily pays attention 'cause Ed knows he still has 'his looks' and Sierra is waiting in the wings.

hugs, Deb
I was asked where the dishes came from that were in my shed. We have lived in this house for 22 years and they were stored for most of those years. Some were bought, some inherited. But after 22 years they are like little treasures again.


  1. Deb,
    I just love visiting here and reading your cat antics. Your love for the little fur babies is so evident in your blog photos and writing.


  2. Such beautiful cats to visit and even more the one's at home!

  3. Josephine is exquisite! She has every right to know she is beautiful.

    Your babies are adorable as well watching TV together :)

  4. Oh cats! Gotta love em! All of them are so cute... your own AND the ones you cat sit. (I hope Ed doesn't mind being called cute. Perhaps he would prefer handsome. )

  5. Bet Josephine would like an elegant, sweet , good looker like our Ed. Catrisma!.... He's got it. Appreciate what you've got Lily. You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone!
    The moochers may love food but i bet they come to be showered with love and affection and, oh yes, lots of attention.

  6. Been enjoying all the cats I missed while dealing with summer. Your cat photos are simply wonderful!

  7. Love the new header for fall! Those kitties and that toile cushion with the gingham pillow behind it are all eye candy!! You always have just the perfect caption for what these kitties must be thinking!! Sue and Rosie