Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dining out and then a kitty love-fest.

We were out for dinner tonight at our favorite fish & chip joint with all the family. My good was good.  My sister, brother-in-law & my brother joined us tonight. The kids were all there, too.
Here is our son, John minus one cast on his right hand. He's all healed up. I said it must be back to normal if he can lift a beer.

This place is small so we filled half the restaurant.
Someone pretty special sits at the head of the table. Someone, of course, pulled out the camera just to annoy everyone.
me & sis
My brother-in-law can't take a picture. They are always fuzzy or you may not even have a head. Thank goodness he doesn't have a blog.
My two girls, Jess & Allie, their friend Jessica and Allie's other half, John.

Oh, I know you are just bored to tears with all this and want a kitten fix. OK..then

                                                                    Blue eyes

                               Same length as mom's leg
Home to walk Kane and make my herbal tea with organic honey and flop down in front of three of the cutest little bitty kitties in the world...and their beautiful mom. Once again, I am getting nothing done.

Annie is starting to play more now. It's nice to see her relaxed.

I love ending the day this way.

hugs, Deb


  1. Those kittens are the cutest things EVER!!! I wouldn't get anything done either. I'd be with them all the time...

  2. Sounds nom nom with Fish and Chips :)
    You seem to have a good time in the restaurant and my mom too think your son´s hand is OK again if he can hold a beer :)
    The kitties are sooo cute !!!

  3. Squeeeee! Aren't the little ones so precious! They look picture perfect thanks to you and their mum's mothering skills. I always felt a bit of uneasiness in the back of my mind because Annie had not been fed well during her pregnancy. Now that Annie's kitties are a bit older I think she'll reveal even more of her lovely personality. She's a very dpecial kitty, of this i am sure. Thanks for the pix. All photos greatfully and thoroughly appreciated!

    What a nice family day for you all. John's hand- recovered already? O, the healing powers of the young. By the way, how is your rib injury doing?
    Kiss Annie for all of us here!

  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. my day is complete. i can even hear the wee grunty noises. really! I can!

  5. Deb, what a lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.. love those kittens...wish the husband would allow a cat again.

  6. Those little kitties are so cute! Love that little miss at the head of the table also!!

  7. =) good to see the beer hand is is working order again!
    love the tiny little bundles of grey fluff !

  8. Beautiful family and such sweet kittens.....just think how cute they'll be in 2 weeks....nothing is cuter than a kitten. Well, maybe ...grandchildren...

  9. That restaurant looks great. I must try the fish and chips when I'm in Perth! I think Ronna and I should make a road trip.

    And thank you for supplying my daily kitten fix!