Thursday, September 15, 2011

They know what they like

Little (and I mean little) Annie is starting to get bored in between kitty feedings. I am spending more time in that room than I really have to spare but she loves people and wants some attention. I bought her a few little toys today and a friend popped in to visit them. I am starting to get more visitors. "Well...duh!" I still haven't got to the second bathroom yet. :(

The kittens are moving around more and getting longer. Their three shades of grey are more prominent as the days go by. It's nice that I can tell them apart that way. I sit next to them and find their every move hypnotic. They yawn and stretch and roll over on their backs. Cutest thing to see. Mommy cat is just enamoured with them.

I spent some time with my grand-daughter, Riley and took her over to our local book store. 
What a cutie she is even when she is just waking up. She loves books. We sat down with a Halloween book and a fresh piece of coffee cake but she soon was side-tracked by a little piggy bank across the room. From then more books and no interest anymore in cake. She wanted the piggy bank.
She knows what she likes at 16 months.
Yes, she came home with a new piggy bank jingling with the pennies people dropped in just to see her smile.

I came home with the coffee cake. That made me smile :-)

hugs, Deb


  1. My mom said Riley remind my mom when my sis was little..she love the book and she love outdoor too.
    Have a wonderful weekend Deb

  2. Riley is so cute, she's enjoying her pram ride I can see that...
    I used to have a piggy bank, but never wanted anyone to take the money out of it :)
    Sounds like you had a lovely day, kitties, grandchild, and coffee cake...yum !

  3. It looks like you had really nice weather for the walk with Riley, as well. Hope you have a lovely Friday, Deb!

  4. You have such a busy life. I'm glad the kittens are thriving. When will people learn that they have responsibilities to their cats and neuter/spay them and care for them properly? It is so sad to see any cat abandoned but it is surprising to see pedigree cats being thrown out.

  5. Kiddies, Kitties and "Koffee "cake.....doesn't get any better :D. First frost here in Mich last night. Happy Friday,Sue and Rosie

  6. Adorable love all those curls.. Hugs GJ xx