Friday, September 16, 2011


This weather here is spectacular. 

The retired guy is busy finishing up some of the summer projects such as laying a new walk-way from the drive-way to the deck and laying some stones for more parking. Then he plans to do some roof repairs. I am still purging the house of all that I don't need or want around me. It feels so good. No, It feels great. "I have plans."

If you have been following my blog awhile,  you may remember that I talked about building in the country. This year with John's wedding and a few financial commitments we have put it off another year. Our plan NOW is to build in 2012. I have been researching opening a cat boarding kennel and have run into many problems. I will keep you posted on that but whether I open one or not, the plan to build a new home is very exciting. Of course, I will start an in-home cat-sitting service in the area and maybe that will be enough to keep me busy. I can't even think about leaving all the cats that I have come to love through my business. It's so hard to absorb.

We have picked the design for our house. It will be small and very open. Our land is just under 2 acres and once belonged to my dear, sweet grandmother. It is surrounded with a stone fence. I have many memories sitting on those stones and taking in all that surrounded me.
It is beautiful there. Lots of trees, an old, worn-out chicken coop that I would hate to tear down and would love to restore and lilac bushes at the gate.

photo taken February 2011

at the gate
Now you see why we need a good, used tractor.

 "Maura....if you are reading this, you have been through the change from city to country living and I have so enjoyed reading all about your new life at Lilac Lane Cottage. You have inspired me and kept me looking forward with your enchanting posts on your day to day life in the country. I hope someday to have a home half as beautiful as yours."

So, we have lots to do in the months ahead. It's daunting at times to think about but in the end I think I will really feel like I am home.
Annie's babies are growing. No sibling rivalry here.

Their eyes should open in the next 2 days.  Annie is doing great. I think the foster person was of the impression that I was handling the kittens each time that I was in the room with them. Today was actually the first day I picked them up and looked them over. I have been very careful not to put my scent on them and to only deal with Annie.
Mothering is a lonely job and she really loves company. For the first time, I watched her wash each of the kittens top to bottom tonight. Then she flopped down on her back like she was exhausted. You have to remember, she is not long from being a kitten herself. I am amazed at how she has taken to mothering. Amazing, really.

We are off to a birthday celebration tomorrow night. My good friend, Mina turns 60.
HOLY! Does time ever fly. Better hit the sack and get some beauty sleep.

hugs, Deb


  1. My best friend has just started building a house on a couple of acres of land as well. It would be great to invite lots of cats to your home, especially if you have the room for it!

  2. Just a piece of advice - if you buy an older tractor like your photo, get a roll over safety bar put on it. I know from sad experience that they can be dangerous.

    That's a lovely property you have, hope you can repurpose the chicken coop. I envy you.

  3. The kittens are so sweet!

    The home you will build sounds wonderful. The land is lovely-it's just waiting for your new house.


  4. Sounds like a wonderful project Deb and I'm sure something enchanting will appear out of it. And a cat boarding kennel... oh that would be some special place if that was to come around! So pleased to hear Annie and the little ones are all fit and well.
    xo from Greece

  5. The kittens are so lovely and adorable!! They are so precious...I hope they will grow big and healthy!