Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting predictable

My evenings have become predictable. I feel like I'm 8 again.

I find myself sitting with tea in hand and observing the little family in the closet. Yes, I drank tea when I was 8.

It's how I spend each evening before lights out.

I had a friend visit today and we enjoyed tea and lemon poppy loaf cake.

We both had 2 pieces and most likely could have eaten a third. Of course, after we solved the world's problems,  she fell in love with the kittens and was really taken with Annie.

Darling, teeny little Annie with the tiny feet.

I used to cat-sit for Barb and her cat, Thelma (I know, cute eh!) passed away last year. She is going to talk to her hubby about these kittens. It would be a good home and I would be the cat-sitter. How perfect that would be.

ALL EYES ARE OPEN so a whole new chapter now.

They are growing quickly and they are beginning to get noisy. :)

 The sweet sound of a kitten's mew.
The others are all doing fine. Kane's allergy to ragweed is still an issue but we are getting closer to the end of the season. He is on medication and gets his feet bathed weekly.

The weather is beautiful here but the trees seem to be slow turning colour.
 By next week they will be bursting with red, gold, yellow and orange leaves. My favorite time of the year.
The beautiful 'Nickel' was adopted from our local shelter yesterday. "Have a wonderful, long life with your new family dear, sweet Nickel." (see side-board)

This video is 4 days old. Thought you might like to see them.

Have a great day. I'm going to clean my house.
hugs, Deb


  1. Good morning Deb! What a wonderful post and I love the new look of your blog. The larger photo's are gorgeous. How adorable the kittens are...I just want to put my face on them and smell them and feel that soft fur! LOVED the'll have to do that again. I was listening for an accent but I didn't hear one LOL! Maybe next time. I hope you have a wonderful day...enjoy your beautiful fall colours! Maura :)

  2. what a stunners your kits are! Loved the video - good luck. love Darcy and Bingley xx

  3. A lovely blog.i like the video so much !!Annie is so cute and the kittens are so cute and tiny.Wonderful how you take care of them
    xx Elisabeth

  4. OH! I think house-cleaning can wait...look at those precious time-wasters! Annie is a doll, and she is so calm with you around her babes. Such a good mama.

  5. My mother have a good qoute about cleaning the house =
    I clean my house each other day , This is not the other day ;-)
    The kittens and Annie are soooo cute !
    Hope youre friend can take them to live woth her and her hubby !

  6. Crossing fingers for dear Annie to find her home..and the kittens!

  7. Own! I´m praying to the kittens and mommy find a lovelly home. The video is so sweet!!!!

  8. Hi Deb, having tea and lemon bread sounds so inviting. Of course, seeing the little kitties is fun, too :).

  9. I knew the kitties were tiny but still was taken aback when I saw them in relation to your hand! Annie is so beautiful! And more than that, you can see her inner beauty in her soft sweet eyes. Are you sure that sweet Annie, who will love you always, wouldn't make the most perfect office cat?

  10. Oh, so tiny and so sweet! Dear little ones!

    Thank you for stopping by today and leaving your kind words. I hope I start feeling better tomorrow! :)

  11. Tea and lemon loaf sound amazing-especially now that the weather is a bit cooler =)
    The kittens are adorable ! I must confess, though, I am smitten with Annie.
    I hope they all find lovely homes.

  12. I can't get caught up on reading blogs, but I always love looking at your gorgeous pictures......the kittens are so precious and the leaves on the

  13. Gordon and I watched the video this morning. The kitties are SOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!!!!! But you know that already...