Sunday, September 11, 2011

Once again, some favorite things

I love the colours of Fall
It's time to add just a few Fall touches here and there.

I won this absolutely amazing poster from Please pop over and say hi and look and see what she is creating now. I am blown away by this woman's talent.
Flannel sheets

Pretty place-mat
Tomatoes straight off the vine

I've always loved gold, greens, apricot & browns.

"Hey, do you mind?"
Ummmm...anyone notice my colours? Don't you just want to faint at my 'drop-dead' gorgeousness?

And me too!

Oh ...and loaf cakes. I bake a lot of these in the Fall. They just go so well with tea and coffee.
Banana Bread with a honey glaze & Chamomile Tea with Sweet Bee honey from a local farm. "Oh Honey!"

and here's another one of my favorites...
"Happy Birthday" to my wonderful friend of 35 years, Mary

I miss this girl and must get back to Toronto soon.

The smells, the tastes, the colours of Fall, the freshness of the air...I love it all. And you'll never guess what I'm doing now...I'm looking to buy a good, used tractor. Anyone? I'll keep you posted.

Bring on the Fall.
hugs, Deb


  1. You have the prettiest house!
    I always snip those plastic ring things. So important!

  2. PS I like the Sweet Bee honey. I am in the middle of bottling my honey for this year!

  3. I love the set-up of your house, especially the shelves with your plates and the coffee maker. I can almost feel that soothing autumn breeze as I look through your photos! (Here in Turin, it's too hot to say that fall has arrived. Give it a few weeks and it should start feeling a bit cooler!)

  4. Good tip, I never thought of this before.

  5. I love everything about fall too Deb. I just wish it stuck around longer! Maybe this year...
    xo Catherine

  6. You are always decorated for fall with such gorgeous cats! I'm ready to bring out those fall colors myself and also begin baking again! Have a good week!

  7. We went over and visited the site of the lady that created your picture. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe her work. I've never seen anything like it. The lady is a natural artist, to be sure. You might learn her technique but you could never match her style, use colour and her heart and soul.
    We cooled yesterday to a balmy 38C/100F. Our autumn must be here. But it looks the same year round. Nothing special about the seasons.
    Love to the kitties.

  8. Happy Birthday to Mary!!

    Fall is my favorite time of year so I particularly enjoyed this!

  9. DEB,I am so delighted that "The Good Earth" is one of your favorite things. I have something else, being printed next week, that I think you will like. I am sending it to you as a gift and a thanks for taking such kind care, and giving so much love, to cats. I will contact you in a week or two to confirm your address.