Friday, September 2, 2011

Signs of Fall

Tomorrow I will hear how the Siamese cat's vet appt. went. When I walked by today he was basking in the sun on the lawn with a couple of neighbour cats joining him. He looked very content. There is one person  interested in him so I'll wait to hear the details and keep you posted daily. I know many of you are worried and sad for this cat. Rest assured he has good people looking out for him and many have joined in the search for the perfect home for this gorgeous boy. 

My favorite time of year is here although it is hot. As I type away I look up through the office window and can see the trees changing colours.

So many signs of the new season approaching.

The trees are brightening up.

Cats that would normally be hidden from the summer heat are lying about on lawns and sidewalks.

Lovely photo op.

Days are getting shorter so the ferals are fed earlier before the raccoons come out.

Herbs are being harvested and will hang in my kitchen until dry. These I will use in recipes and tea. (Favorite tea right now is Apple Chamomile)
                     Fall decorations come out for display. 

My dog, Kane dealing with allergies. 6 years now we have had to medicate him from Fall until the first frost.  He is kept out of fields, long grass and all the places he seems to love best. It's a struggle but we are getting to be pros at it. This is the one down-fall of Fall for me. I feel so bad for him as this medication makes him look and feel like he's on his 6th beer. He sleeps more and I guess this is why this medication is the preferred one by most vets. If he's sleeping....he's not chewing on his feet. The med is an anti-histamine and controls the itch from the rag-weed.

On a happy note, Bud was full of the sillies today. He loved this little blue mouse I brought over for him.

and he loves his brushings

Still medicating bunnies and still have all my fingers.

Please keep the Siamese kitty in your thoughts and prayers tonight.

hugs, Deb


  1. We dont think that kitty is going to have a problem finding his forever home :]

  2. Oh, how touching! The homeless Siamese has friends. An absolute love, he is! What is wrong with the girl kitty that doesn't like him?
    You know that I am always here for him if there isn't a perfect home. We wouldn't call anything about ourselves perfect but we have a great vet, we try our best and are chock full of love. Maybe when Hugo leaves, he could become your office cat if only on a temporary basis? He's not white but those big blue eyes might just make up for it.
    (You and white kitties do have a special bond, don't you.)

  3. My dogs have allergies, as well and I hate seeing them feeling under the weather because of them.

    That siamese is so beautiful. I hope he finds a loving home soon!


  4. Hi Deb. Thank you for stopping by. You are such Angel to all of the animals you lovingly care for.

    I didn't realize that dogs (and other animals?) could have allergies to the pollen. I knew they could have food allergies though.

    xo, Sue

  5. Hello

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I don't think I have visited yours before but I will be back to visit lots.

    I can see you love and care for animals. It's wonderful what you are doing.

    I hope the Siamese finds a loving forever home soon.

  6. P.S. Do tell us about medicating bunnies!

  7. So many gorgeous cat pictures!!!!! I hope the Siamese is adopted soon.