Thursday, September 15, 2011

a cat's a cat

The walk tonight was cool but no wind. It seemed very still.

It's so evident now that Fall is peeking around the corner.

All the gardens that I would admire on this familiar path are looking old and crumpled.

And the sidewalks are empty and no cats laying about. They are inside lying on the counters, no doubt.

After feeding Helma, the German Shepherd
and then the few ferals that show up for a free meal and Kanes walk over and done with, it was good to get in and have a cup of hot, herbal tea and honey.

I'm feeling fatigued but not for lack of sleep. I think all this cat business and knowing of all those that are still waiting to get homes lies heavy on my neck and shoulders. Another cat tonight was rescued and she brought with her two 2 day old kittens. She is now at a foster home in our town. I was asked to take her but I know my limit and with Hugo on meds, Kane on meds and a mom and 3 kittens hunkering down in the spare room, I had to say "no".

Here are the kittens in my spare room at 6 days of age..

 The cat that needed care tonight is a Himalayan cat. At one time, you never heard of these breeds being cast aside or abandoned. Now, it seems it doesn't make any difference. In some eyes, a cat's a cat and that's that.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Sadly, we all have a limit on how many animals we can reasonably house in our homes. Don't feel guilty about not being able to take the kitty in. You're doing everything you can. :)

  2. Here in Sweden is also the autumn around the corner.
    Lovely picture on Helma on the porch !
    The kittens are soo cute !
    Hope the Himalayan will find a new forever home !

  3. Dear Deb
    It's so good to catch up with you. I've been way over my eyeballs recently (as it sounds as if you have been!) and I'm just trying to get my bearings again. I loved meeting Annie and her kittens - Annie is just gorgeous and what an ordeal for this kitty mom to be removed in the middle of delivery!
    On the one hand I wish there was a shelter here where I could drop off the many kittens appereaing everywhere right now but it would for sure be INUNDATED. No one wants the "burden" here. But yes - and thank you so much for the sweet comment - there just simply is no turning back for me. I do believe God knows who to turn to. Unfotunately I get so emotionally involved (how can one not?) and this week Tiny (my very first Greek rescue) has gone astray and I can find no peace of mind.
    Take care Deb, I love knowing there's a kindred friend and spirit out there working for the cats/dogs/animals.
    P.S. Will you pls email me your postal address - want to send you a little something.
    xo Joan

  4. Sounds like you have your hands full Deb! Oh those sweet kitties are all so lucky to be in the care of your loving self. I hope you are taking care of yourself too though ~ how can you keep helping if you let yourself get run down!!

    Sending you a big hug!
    xo Catherine

  5. Oh those babies are growing. I know you do have your hands full Deb. I am praying for all the homeless kitties that they will find a place soon! hugs to you and all your furry kids! Linda

  6. Okay, they are at least as cute as my ducklings and TOO ADORABLE!!! You are a good woman, looking after these babies.

  7. The kitties look wonderful! Nice and round and healthy! Annie must be a lovely mum to them.
    Everyone knows the point where their ability to provide care has been stretched. I cannot refuse if there is absolutely no one. Sometimes, it is hard emotionally, financially but I do what allows me and my conscious to sleep at night. If it's a life or death case, I always will help but other ongoing care must be found. You can't let yourself get in over your head or everyone is let down. A hard fine line to walk, to be sure. You do an amazing job, Deb. We sometimes forget the enormous work, both physical and emotional, the ferals take. They break my heart. Praying for Annie and her little family.