Thursday, September 29, 2011

She's all that

I thought she was a boy at first, but Audrey is a tom-boy. She loves to tussle with her little sister and yet she takes on the rough-housin' from Nigel. She even instigates it. She is the largest of the three and if I can be at all honest....I think she is ALL THAT and a bag of kitty treats. She's gorgeous.

 They still look like little bears because their ears have not completely unfolded. Soon they will be pointed up more.

They are loving more space. I'm just giving them a little at a time. Please believe me when I say this room does not normally look like this. It's all about safety for these three little gems .

I am off to kitty-sit and then drop in to another foster home to photograph some of her kittens. I think today calls for a Fish & Chip night so 'ta ta for now'.

hugs, Deb


  1. Those kitties sure are little cuties! Thanks for visiting! We hope to see you again.

  2. She is a cutie for sure! I love them all but I must say little Bree has stolen my heart!

  3. They are so cute! Enjoy your fish-n-chips.

  4. Each one is adorable but there is just something about little Bree!
    Every time I see her I want to sing the old Seals and Crofts song "Summer Breeze". to her. "Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind".

  5. The kittens are so precious, I know I wouldn't get a thing accomplished for watching them.

  6. Hmm, tried to leave a comment and it disappeared!

    Anyway, it must be hard for you to tear yourself away from that room. They are sweeter than sweet.

  7. Sending kisses for these sweet kittens and mom!
    xo Catherine

  8. Audrey is all that....and so much more! I love when their ears all all still thick and folded. I also love the way their baby tails babyish. And the picture looking down on all of one of them is blurry because they are so often in motion!