Friday, September 16, 2011

Cooler weather and Canada Geese

They have now found twin beds (of their own doing) and have settled in. It is too cold out these last few days to lie on the deck so to seek out a cozy spot for warmth is their top priority. I tell ya......I am not buying any more cat beds ever.

My do I ever throw out these ugly boxes?

Some cuteness for the morning...

These little mousies are growing and I can't wait to see them open their eyes.

I'm in here too much apparently and have been told off by another foster person.
I think Annie is lonely because she never wants me to leave the room when I do come in. She chirps at me and follows me to the door.  She wants me to pet her and talk to her. She loves to be carried around. What do I do? Go with my gut and keep visiting? Probably 'cause I'm stubborn.

On my way home from caring for Helma, I stopped along the river in Appleton to watch this...

Canada Geese

They are preparing for the long flight south and gathering to discuss their route, no doubt.

Aren't they magnificent?

Then home for coffee and go visit Annie. :-)

hugs, Deb 


  1. How can you resist a visit with Annie and the babies. She needs the love and attention you are giving her!

  2. Thanks for sharing such wonderful things!

  3. I love Canada geese. We see them in Georgia a lot and always mark the change of seasons for me. Those little baby kitties a precious. You should do whatever you think is good for mama kitty when visiting the babies. If she loves for you to be around, then what's the harm? Yes, go with your gut feeling. :)
    Thanks for stopping by,

  4. I miss seeing Canada geese on my walks around the neighbourhood. They never made it to Italy, I guess!

  5. I'm so enjoying seeing and hearing about Annie and her babies. Mothering the young is a lonely business. Of course she needs all the loving attention she can get after her rough past and with her mothering duties. How can it possibly be bad for either the mother or the babies to be loved on??? Carry on, Deb. You do a wonderful job with all the cats who are lucky enough to come into contact with you.

  6. All such beautiful sights. I think you're stuck with the boxes.

  7. They are so darling! What meanie foster person told you off? How rude! You need to spend as much time as you can with them to socialize them, don't listen to grumpy mean people.

    Ms. Stella's Woman

  8. Those kittens are so adorable. M says the Canada Geese will be flyng over us very soon. They are bootiful birdies. M likes to see their V formation too in the sky as they head south. It's amazing how they ever find their way.

  9. Squeeee! Those kitties are adorable! The anonymous commenter said it perfectly! Mothering is hard work and mums, human and kitty alike, need a break from the job so they don't go crazy. They need some time for themselves, also,so they can continue to give their utmost to their young. And from the look of the three beauties, Annie is doing a great job. Do you know how much your love and friendship must mean to her? Goodness! It brings tears toy eyes.

  10. P.S. I think the lady is just worried about Annie being hurt and saddened if she looses the love and home she has always so desperately wanted. How crushing it would be for her to have come from such a terrible circumstance and to have found a lovely home with a person she has a real emotional connection with only to loose that home, love and her special person. But I think you are doing the right thing. You are helping her to grow into a strong confident loving kitty. I pray every night for her.

  11. Great post about the change of seasons.
    Lovely themes you have going on in your blog space, as a Canadian a long way from home, you brightened my day.

  12. I think yo are giving that kitty the love she so wants. Those babies are adorable and I think maybe you are stuck with those boxes.. Hugs GJ xx