Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2

Well, didn't sleep too much last night just because I am a worrier. BIG TIME.  I was up to check on mom and kittens through-out the night (often) and all was fine.
The kittens are solid grey, all three of them. One is a darker smokey grey than the other two. As they grow, they may take on the colours of mom...who knows. She is pastel grey with peach and lighter grey mottled through her coat. Oh yes, and peachy feet. C....ute!!
At this point, the kittens are not handled so mom feels more in control.

I sat on the bed and played 'mousie' with her after breakfast.

She just wants some lovin'.

She's a good mom.

I'm off to kitty-sit at two homes and house-sit for a friend. Then I need to do some shopping at our local health food store. Free range, organic brown eggs are in order and I think I may top up my vitamins. Gotta keep this 'ol bod going.

The 'tractor shopping' fell through so we are still looking for a good, used one with a mower. We need to keep our property in Osgoode cleared and walkable so that the grass is not higher than Kane when we are out there. It's a pain to walk around in weeds up to your knees.

Hope you have a great day. Time to medicate Hugo and hope for some lower numbers. Kane needs his pill. I may put a 'vet clinic' sign on my front door.

hugs, Deb

Someone asked about white cats and if they had to be solid white to be deaf with blue eyes. The answer is "Yes"


  1. Such a good Mom you are to so may pets...have a wonderful day!

  2. That mama kitty is precious! Are you falling in love Deb??

  3. Deb,
    I have a particular weakness for gray cats.....those kittens are going to be bundles of fun!

  4. Thanks for your suggestions regarding my girls. I will certainly give it a try. It is becoming quite tiresome =^..^=

  5. Kitty-sitting is good fun! We do a lot of that here as well, seeing as we have an apartment building full of cats. :)

  6. How very sweet!
    Always good to have St. Francis around!

  7. Oh Deb! Mellie is sooo beautiful! Now that she's relaxed a bit we can see the beauty, love and sweetness in her face replacing the sadness and dispair. Goodness, here come the tears again. She looks like a tiny little girl. Just so precious! Glad the kitties are well. Its hard not to be worried for them because of the poor care their mum received before their birth. But not now! Alll of their little lives will be filled with love and Mellie finally has the love she has waited her whole life for! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.0

  8. Deb
    Mellie is so beautiful and what a wonderful Mom she is! Those kittens are adorable and we look forward to seeing them all grow!