Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Comin' along

The office is right next to the spare room and since Kane is out I have left the door open while Annie nurses the kittens and I can hear the purring from here. That makes me calm. Shelly dropped in after work and was happy at how great everyone looked. She thinks the kittens have grown since Sunday.

It's been 15 years since we had a nursing mother cat to care for in our home.

I hope the others at the shelter are doing ok. It really was hard to choose one needy cat when so many were sitting there. Her babies were the youngest and the foster care would be needed for at least 8 weeks so I thought "I can do 8 weeks. Many can't." There will be a plea in our local paper for more foster homes.

I love that you can get baby blankets and towels for at our local thrift shops. I dropped in this morning and spent all of $4.00.
There is a lot of peach on Annie.  She's a dickens to photograph. She doesn't stay still for the camera.

Take care, Deb



  1. Oh, how funny about the mailman! And I always thought it was mailmen and dogs! I'm behind on reading due to packing, so I wasn't aware you had a "nursing mama" in your midst. I can imagine hearing all that purring is wonderful.

  2. The most relaxing sound in the world is the sound of a cats purr. On nights I can't seem to sleep I'll just pet one of my cats,enjoy the purring and I'm out like a light. I love Annie's little face! Such a love, she is. We're overjoyed that the kitties are doing well. Love and kisses to all.

  3. Annie's little face is so precious. Kittens are fun to watch from the time they are born and those Momma's are so protective. It is quite fascinating to watch them. Oh and when Momma is proud of her babies she let's you know.

    I think I may have homes for my 3 babies. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have to work with the little Calico though. Besides being soooo independent she is starting to get a little wild and I need to get her more socialized because her new parents (keeping my fingers crossed)can't get her for 2 more weeks. They live out of town.

    I hope to be posting some pics and updates soon on my blog.

  4. Dear Deb,
    Annie's photo, in some way look like a painting : ) and my mom love your daisy photos..Very helathy and bootiful

  5. The purring of a cat ~ oh yes ~ it does the heart good. That's a good idea to get blankets and towels at the thrift store for the animal shelter. Good one!
    xo Catherine