Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday 'retired-guy' & off to kitty-sit

First off, A "Happy 57th Birthday" to Gary. He's a retired guy now and he's enjoying every bit of his summer. I'm not sure what the winter holds for may see him looking for work as he's a bit young for this title. We are celebrating tomorrow with the kids and Riley. Today, he has the day off from working around the house. :)...and dinner out.
Birthday Boy with his favorite grand-daughter, Riley (Aug. 2011)

I really did count my fingers this morning as Mr. Bunny was on to me as I prepared the meds for him. He moves like the wind...have to be fast. All went ok though and he got to have his yogurt drops as a treat for being a good bunny.

Buddy gave me a 'cat in window' opportunity this morning. Big stretch and then a wonderful welcome from this gorgeous boy.

Off to visit Smokey just to give him his medicated dinner. So many well-cared-for cats make me happy.
This job comes with perks,  too.

I have been waiting to hear about the Siamese cat.  I am having email issues (just signed up for a new one with Google because of problems) so was unable to receive any mail today. I'll post when I can.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the cat in the window photo stretching! Happy Birthday to the hubby!

  2. Buddy is one handsome kitty.

    My hubby retired last year and he is loving every minute of it. So are the kitties :)
    Hugs, Sue
    P.S. Riley is adorable!

  3. I found you through Brenda at Cosy Little House. A cat lover, and a Canadian!!! Bootsie will be thrilled, as am I. I only wish you lived on my side of the country.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Happy Birthday to Gary !
    Me and mom just love the window picture on Buddy !
    He is such an handsome cat.
    Have a pawsome sunday :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband. Buddy's pose is wonderful.

  6. Happy birthday to Gary! We hope he has a fabulous day! :-)

  7. You should enter the "cat in the window" photo into a contest! The lighting is beautiful!

    Happy birthday to your husband! I hope I'll be able to retire at 57!

  8. Happy birthday to Gary! How nice to be able to retire at 57. The photo of your cat is breath taking!

  9. Happiest of birthdays to Gary! Many happy returns of the day. The world is at your feet: youth and time to enjoy it! Bless you.

    My dad kept his nose to the grindstone, so to speak, for his whole career. He deceided to retire at age 58 and, golly, he was like a kid in a candy store about life! So much to do, see, experience! He passed at 81 still finding something new about each day. ( I wish I had grown up with that dad. When he was working, he was short tempered, angry and difficult all while he was supposedly loving his career.).

    Will we get to meet Mr. Bunny,Deb? Did Buddy give you a great photo or what!
    Praying hard for our homeless Siamese.

  10. Happy Birthday to your husband!
    I love the picture on the window!

  11. A big happy birthday to your hubby! I also love that pic of the cat stretching!

  12. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Love the photo of the your cat stretching in the window.

  13. Happy birthday to Gary.
    Buddy looks gorgeous in the window - great shot Deb! Hope to hear some good news about Siamese boy soon - he is so gorgeous and looks like a cat who needs to be someones number one!
    Thanks for being such a sweet friend Deb!

  14. Happy Birthday Gary!
    Yes 57 is awfully young to retire! I hope whatever he does he does something that makes him happy.
    My husband taught school in Detroit for 36 years and was forced to retire last year at the age of 61. Also too young to retire.
    Loved the photo of the stretching kitty and of course precious Riley who is a "mini YOU!"