Monday, September 26, 2011

If I could...

If I could go back to when I was a child and spend an hour or two in one place,  I would choose to be in my grandmother's attic. It was the first place I would run to when arriving for a visit.

                                        (our fostered kittens from the animal shelter)
The room seemed big to me at the time and there was an old trunk that held pictures, calendars and linens. There was a large window where the light streamed in that always had bees buzzing around the sill. A single antique bed that held quilts most likely made by my grandmother 1/2 filled a wall.  I loved to look at the photos that were done on tin, all black and white. The linens were mostly just pieces of fabric or pillow-cases that had borders of lace. Everything smelled of moth balls but it was ok, it was familiar.
 I could hear everyone talking around the kitchen from where the stove-pipe came up through the house. I loved to hear my mom's laughter through the floor.
If I was really lucky, Maggie, her tabby cat, would be nursing her babies over in the corner in a box. Oh joy!
I would sit on the old worn floor, never noticing if it was dirty or not, and watch very quietly. Of course, I would touch the kittens and Maggie would purr.

I would be over the moon and never need to leave until someone would call for dinner.
Yes, without a doubt, that is where I would go to spend an hour or two, if  I could.

I'm off to cat-sit but before I go I want to show you that the three munchkins have graduated from a one-bedroom condo to a two with a little loft. They need to exercise now but still be kept safe so this should help. Mom gets to sit on the deck and watch them stretch their legs.

I swear, they never stop moving unless it is dinner or nap-time. 
                                They sleep in a heap. 

It's getting so pretty outside.
Heading out with Kane.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi my computer goes berserk when I come here to visit you! It takes longer than forever to load and when I try to type, it has a mind of it's own!!! Crazy!
    Well anyway, glad I came this is a cute post...I remember places like that as a child too, such a blessing that we have such memories. Loved all your pictures today too! I will try to visit again...;D

  2. I love this photo of Kane! He does look so happy. I can't believe how the kittens are growing. There was a magical place at my Grandma's also! Thanks for helping me to remember.

  3. The kittens are so adorable. Love all your pictures. We don't have any fall color yet. I'm anxiously waiting. Meanwhile, we adopted a 9 year old Hymalayan female today. Her owner had to give her up because of a move. She is in hiding right now. I hope it doesn't take too long for her to acclimate.

  4. I would not go near that attic with those bees buzzing around by the window!

  5. Oh the joy of a box full of kittens. My favorite is barn kittens that were born in the fresh hay and always had little bits of straw attached to them. You could smell the milk from the milking cows and the milk from the mamma kittens. Oh what I would give to sniff a barn kitten for an hour or two!!

    Wonderful memories of your grandmother's attic Deb.

    xo Catherine

  6. Ahhh,such a wonderful picture you painted, I can see those quilts and smell the moth balls. SIMPLE things bring the most pleasures! That trio and mama are precious and those fall pics are priceless and remind me of one of MY favorite childhood orchards in the fall.We went every year and I would climb like a monkey to get the high up big Macintosh apples. I miss my mom the most this time of year..those apples always meant her one-of-a-kind apple cake MMMMmmmm!!!Sue and Rosie

  7. If I could......I'd go back with you to your grammy's! Sounds like heaven. Especially the kitties! I loved my gran dearly but she was a Wedgewood/Waterford kind of granny, if you know what I mean.
    The little family gets more adorable each day. I love them so!
    Glad Kane is enjoying the weather. Hope his allergies are better.
    Have you ever heard more about Johnny the cat and his new family?

  8. That attic sounds like bliss to me. I love all the gorgeous pictures today.. Kittens, kitty and a woofie. Those leaves are glorious.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. The kittens are beyond adorable!!! I think watching kittens play is good for the soul :-)

  10. I really love your posts, your blog and the cute photos!