Saturday, September 24, 2011

A quiet morning

I love this season although it is a little hot for this time of year. When we walk Kane at night it is time to put on the sweater and I like that. Kane loves this less humid weather, too. It is better for him. We are still dealing with his allergies but he is progressing.

Annie is doing well and enjoys our time together.  I have fallen in love with her and she shows me how she enjoys are visits by pawing me when I am ready to leave. .I guess she gets a little bored with the babies. She needs balance just like any young mom does.. I try to spend as much time as I can playing and just reading with her on the bed. She lies there and purrs.

All is pretty calm with the other cats.
Ed is back to his cat-bed. Sierra still loves her box.
It is pretty much disintegrated just the way she intended.

Lots of sleeping goes on when you are a senior cat.
Cali will be 18 years old in November.

Today we will head up to the property to check on a few things after I am finished cat-sitting.  The trees will be turning colour and look fabulous along our country road. If the grass is cut I will be adding a few stones to where some of our kitties are laid to rest.

Basil, Rue, Bree......I'm still playing with names. The shelter wants me to name them for their files and so they can advertise them. They are so close now in colour that they are getting harder to tell apart. The middle shade of grey kitten is already a spit-fire. This one never stops moving and climbing and batting the other two. I think this one will be trouble but fun trouble.
Someone wants to say "Good Morning". This is the teeniest one of the three.

The little ears are folded so they look like lambs. This week the ear canals will be completely open and the sense of hearing will continue to develop. They will be able to hear better now. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'm heading out for breakfast and at least 2 big mugs of coffee.

hugs, Deb


  1. LOVE the face plant pose! Enjoy that coffee...I'm off for a cup of blueberry tea.

  2. Oh so many sleeping cats. Love them all and the kitties are so sweet! Enjoy your day!

  3. Such little sweetie pies they are!

  4. Great cat's page... Some are walking through mine,
    Greetings from France,