Thursday, September 1, 2011

Joe's good & Ed's new addition


My daughter tells me Joe is doing well but wants outside badly. He is to stay in for 2 weeks and I am thinking this might be the time to turn him into an indoor-only cat. I'm afraid this fighting will go on and on. There are many things you can do inside that will help a cat adjust to indoor life.

Make Life Inside Fun -- Toys, playtime with you, many windows to look out of. Add cat-trees to their favorite rooms and keep some special toys for only evening play. Put some time aside to play with your cat using the cat-dancer toy. This is great for giving kitty a work-out as in-door only cats tend to put weight on. If you can, add an enclosure to your house so they can be outside on the grass but safely unable to roam.

It is a gorgeous day here today. 
Ed wants to show you his new accessory.

It says Mr. Ed (deaf) and phone number on back.Since he is deaf we thought it a good idea to suit him up with a new collar and tag that lets people know his name, phone # & the fact that he cannot hear, should he ever (God-forbid) get lost.
He is not allowed off the deck unless he is with us and then the yard is fenced so I don't worry but you never know what might happen. Better safe than sorry.

Are you enjoying the peaches right now? I can't get enough of them. Do you know what goes good with peaches...Banana Bread Cookies. See recipe in previous post.

Off to see Buddy and get an update on the Siamese. I am really busy again this weekend with NEW CATS to introduce later. I also have bunnies that are on medication. Hope I still have my fingers on Monday. I'm serious...I really do. I'm also caring for houses with NO PETS and watering indoor plants. "Hmmmm...I wonder if they would like a Siamese?".

hugs, Deb


  1. ...banana... bread... cookies?! WHERE IS THIS RECIPE?! I MUST HAVE IT!!

    Ok that was my human, she needs to calm down! MOL What a nice blue collar to let everyone know Eds name and that he cant hear! Always better safe than sorry! We see ads on our local facebook pages almost everyday for cats and dogs that have gone missing, or that found, and ppl are trying to find their humans!

  2. Mr Ed is very handsome, glad you dont let him stray too far away. xx

  3. That was very good tips on how to get a cat to think it´s OK to be an indoor cat , I shall show my "mom" the list :)
    Mr Ed is such a handsome cat in his new collar !
    Mom say´s that Banana Bread Cookies sounds nom nom :)

  4. The collar on Mr Ed is very nice and and a good idea since he is deaf! I am going to make those cookies!

  5. I successfully turned my fluffy orange man into an indoor cat. He still goes out in his cage, but he seems quite content. Today he got out an open door (my bad) before I realized it, but fortunately he soon returned, and seemed to have had enough of the great outdoors.

    The petless people NEED A SIAMESE!

  6. Hi Deb, Thank you for your lovely words. I think cats are very special for sure. I have many that hang around here. But Mr Ed he is beautiful and can visit with me anytime.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  7. This would be a good time to turn Joe into an inside only kitty. It will take patience tho and persistence but it can be done. M says too many bad things can happen to us outside alone.