Monday, September 12, 2011

The white cat

Did you know that White Cats are sometimes referred to as the February Cats? This is, of course because their pristine, snow-white colouring reminds people of the snowy February days and the beauty of winter. White cats with 2 blue eyes are often deaf. Those with one blue eye and one either green, gold or brown is often deaf in the ear closest to the blue eye. 

Our Lily has 2 gold eyes so her hearing is fine. She does have very sensitive skin, which is common in white cats, and must be limited to time in the sun as sunlight is a white cats' enemy. Skin cancer is very common in white cats that are allowed access to the outdoors during the summer months.

So, that's a little bit on white cats. My first white cat, given to me by my dad when I was 16,  was a beautiful medium-haired white cat named Snowy. (of course) She was the start of my life-long love affair with the white cat. 
Our Lily

Update on mother and three kittens
Mellie is doing well. She is such  a devoted little mother.but when I enter the room she wants some of that good lovin' she has come to enjoy in just a few hours. She has used her box tonight like a clean, good kitty and has had 2 servings of vitamin-packed soft food. Her dry is Performatrin kitten food. She likes it. It brought me to tears to watch her play in between feedings on the carpet with 4 little fuzzy mice I gave her. She was in  heaven.
It has been a long time since I had a mother and kittens in our home so I have many questions and will be reading like a mad woman. So good.  
The seizure was on a foreclosure where up to 35 animals were left behind. In the room where I found Mellie was ALL of the cats from that house. The gene-pool was very evident. Litters upon litters must have been born in this environment. It was hard to decide what to do but Mellie looked the most needy and the kittens were only 2 days old so I felt she had the least chance of getting out of the shelter. Now I think I was lucky to have picked her. We seem to click.
hugs, Deb


  1. I am so glad to hear the Mellie is doing so well. Poor thing needs some love and attention! It makes me so sad to hear that someone would abandon that many cats!

  2. This makes me so happy for this innocent cat and kittens. You're an angel, think I've said that a time or two!

  3. Lucky Mellie to have been taken in by you...Lucky you to have so many cats to love (plus dog).
    Bless you for all you do....

  4. I didn't know that white cats with blue eyes were deaf. Does that apply only if the cat is completely white?

    Really glad that Mellie is doing well! She must be delighted to have found such a loving home.

  5. Poor thing. We hope she finds a forever home soon.

  6. This is new info on white cats for me. Thanks for sharing it. I hope the cats find good homes. Thanks for caring.

  7. You're a good soul, Deb!
    My first cat as a child was a short-haired white first cat as an adult? A long haired white boy.

  8. That "click" is such a powerful thing. Really amazing. Happened with my Alfie and me. A kitty soul mate, he is. I am so happy it happened for Mellie and you.
    She deserves to be loved in that very special way, Thank goodness all is well with her and the babies . We've been praying, and praying hard, for this little family. God bless you,

  9. Oh, I would be there with you, helping with all those babies. I just read of the mommy you are fostering, I'm happy she's okay. You're doing a great job...I used to help the local shelter a lot before I begun working so much, I know what it means. Now I still volunteer every now and then, but sadly I don't have all the time I used to...keep it up!!

  10. Awww - Pearl is so pretty. We hope she finds a home real soon.

  11. I didn't know that white cats were called February cats! I got my Casper in February 2008, he was nine months old and I fell in love with him instantly. I almost called him Snow because his coat is so completely white and yes he has the bluest eyes ever and is totally deaf.

    I'm so glad Mellie and her kittens are safe with you. You are such a good soul to foster her :-)