Monday, September 19, 2011

Learning all the time

I'm not much for TV and the Emmy's don't interest me so I did some reading on raising kittens. I'm looking forward to an interesting yet time-consuming 6 1/2 weeks of raising 3 fostered kittens along with their very dedicated mother. I have them for that time and then they go back to our local shelter unless I can find homes from my home

Annie's job is to help them grow into beautiful, healthy kittens.

Mine is to keep them safe. So, they are kept in our spare room with the door kept closed and the window cracked for fresh air. CBC is on in the background and no dog or other big, meany, geriatric cats are going to bother them. I don't expect my cats will be too impressed with all the unfamiliar smells and noises coming from these little munchkins and the mother cat is very protective and will not be friendly with them.

My oldest daughter, Jess was visiting on Sunday and spent time with mom and kittens. Annie was very receptive of Jess and rubbed against her in a full-out purring salute. The kittens hissed. It was hilarious to watch the little mouth open and hear the tiniest of hissing coming from it. Too cute for words. Jess is so excited to move into her new home. It's a gorgeous bungalow next to open farm land and hills that complement the beautiful evening sunsets. We talked for hours about decorating ideas for her house and I showed her many of my favorite decorating inspired blogs that I follow.

Hugo was happy to see Jess as he has lived with her for 8 years. She looks forward so much to having him home again. We are still having to give him 2 insulin shots a day and he is on special food. I was hoping his health would take a turn for the better before the end of September. I'm staying hopeful.

All eyes are open. =^..^= and it's time for a FALL walk with Kane.

hugs, Deb


  1. Can you tell me the secret of how to foster three kittens and not get so emotionally attached that you can give them up at the end of the 6 1/2 weeks?! I don't think I could do it, but maybe I could learn how.

  2. I second The Cat Guy. I don't want to see them leave, and I'm thousands of miles away!

  3. I think the whole fostering thing is special... whatever one is fostering - the love and then the giving away... its a skill that requires strength. Darcy and Bingley xx

  4. Special pictures and sounds like you will be having special times soon with a lot of fun decorating.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Oh so much fun with kittens but also lots of work! You daughters new home sounds wonderful.
    hugs, Linda

  6. You have done a wonderful job, Deb
    And Me and my mom hope all kittens find a good home

  7. I foster motherless kittens, for many years. Last Thanksgiving I took in 4 newborns. They were rejected my their juvenile afraid young mommy. All 4 became very ill. I was up with them around the clock...but they are all 4 10 months old next week. I kept Grizerlda & Chloe. Moon & Willow are together in another home, as in Mommy. It is a very special privilege to do such a thing. Awesome!!

  8. Squee! Annie's kitties are so adorable!
    Mostly, i don't understand how you can give Annie up. I have kept all of the sick or elderly cats that have come to me and that is, for sure, why I don't foster. You cross my threshold and you have your forever home. People that foster are a very special lot. God bless them!

  9. You are doing a fine job helping Annie bring up three lovely babies! I am loving the storyline. :)