Friday, September 23, 2011

Off to kitty-sit

First off, Happy Fall to all of you.
Today was back to being a busy day of cat-sitting. Remember the little moochers that wait on the deck of the house where I care for Josephine? They were there again today. The two of them waiting with their mouths open when I arrived. Lucky for them I just so happened to have some treats with me. The kind they love.

I picked up keys today to start a few days of cat-sitting 6 kitties in one home. This should be a lot of fun.

Off to water plants and do a check on a gorgeous log home. I think I could live in one of them. Two new clients called today for cat-sitting. I just love meeting new cats.

These 3 little kittens that keep me from getting anything done at home are now 2 weeks old.. They seem to change every day. I was told to keep the light limited in the closet while the eyes are developing. This makes it hard for photos plus they move around constantly but next week I will bring them out for some photos in the daylight.
Annie had a treat of salmon tonight so she is busy washing up and taking a break from motherhood for awhile.

I'm adding flowers to the kitten room today. I knew there was something missing.  I'm filling up the cat-bag as the weekend gets closer. Better add more treats for the 2 moochers. Busy time ahead with cat-sitting.

I'm pilling cats on Saturday. It's similar to putting your hand in a garbage disposal. If it's off you're safe. If it's running.........well, you get the picture. Pray for me! 

hugs, Deb


  1. Amazing how big these guys have gotten in only 4 days!!
    Keep up the good work Annie (and you too Deb)!!

  2. Mwaaaa! I need a kitten fix!! I want to give these little sweeties a kiss! Perhaps you could kiss their little noses for me...

    Happy Weekend Deb!
    xo Catherine

  3. I love those sweet babies! Maybe I should think about doing something like this in Tulsa: cat sitting.

  4. Oh the babies are growing so fast! Love the pictures Deb! Enjoy your cat sitting and the moochers...pills, yikes not so much!

  5. I am so enjoying this kitten photos, and hearing how Annie is coming along. What a wonderful opportunity for us to share vicariously with you.

    BTW, do you know of anyone who cat sits in the White Rock, BC area? I know of a few people that are looking for sitters.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. I'm not sure why....., but I'm wanting to cry as I look at those 'new' eyes and fat little bellies.
    Someday when there's not so much stress in my life..... I want and need a kitten!
    Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures

  7. Own! Soooooooo cutiessssssssssss!

  8. So you *just* happened to have the correct treats? Hmmmm. Good luck with the pilling...
    The babes appear to be getting a few stripes!

  9. My tiny 6 lb tortie turns into a rabid monster when she needs pilled!

    Pink kitten bellies..gasp!

  10. I love the kitten tummies =)
    Hope the "pilling" goes OK--you have my sympathy!

  11. Love those KITTEEEEZ!

    Ah, pilling cats, such fun. My vet gave me device for that that I find helpful. Maybe you've seen them before. The pill is held in a rubber tip, and you depress the plunger, which shoots the pill down kitty's gullet. But I'm guessing you are an expert at the barehanded cat-pilling technique! :)