Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Nana has to brag & soft kitty

Sometimes I just can't believe how fortunate we are
                                          to have these three little munchkins in our life.

                                                         Bradley  Riley  Gwynn
We had a nice celebration for Jess's birthday at The Barley Mow in Almonte.

My baby and her baby. :)

That is where I finally got a great photo of my three little munchkins together.
Don't you love Riley's dress? She looked like a miniature Audrey Hepburn in it. 
She'll be off to school this Fall and is very excited about that.

Renovations are coming along. The banging has stopped and now it's more sawing and measuring going on. So, if you are worried about the cats, well,  they are now sleeping away as things progress. This will take some time so I am now back to my daily walks just to survive it. ;-)
And, I get to spend some time with this little doll.
"Say Hi to mommy, Rosie. She misses you."
Rosie, or Rosie-Posie as I call her, is a little bundle of purring sweetness. She is as soft as a bunny and loves to chatter away as I prepare her meal. She loves you to snuggle and carry her around and I am happy to oblige. She has me wrapped around those velvety paws. "See you again soon, Rosie."

So far, the weekend has been busy.  A little cat-sitting, a garden party (yah!) and some grand-baby sitting to enjoy.

I hope you have a great one. The weather here is amazing. 

hugs, Deb


  1. Exciting times ... birthdays and school starting! Rosie looks like she is made for cuddling.

  2. Your munchkins are adorable :) Wow! School already.
    Rosie is adorable. What a honey.

  3. Love the photo of the Grands! They are adorable!

  4. Wonderful pic of the kiddlys. Being a Nana ( or Nona :) ) really is the bestest thing.

  5. Gwyn looks quite curious about it all.

    Rosie looks like a sweetheart. I'm sure your cats are now of the mindset that sooner or later this chaos will end, and they might as well put up with it.

  6. Hi Deb....just lost my comment!
    Your little kiddies look adorable...
    All squeaky clean, and all in their best duds!
    Happy Birthday Jess....a real cutie!
    Sounds like a great weekend...
    Our Miss V just left....nana and papa are pooped!
    Linda :o)

  7. ….well I could cuddle them all, the cutest kids and the softest kitty!
    Glad you all had a fun time Deb.

    Hugs - Mary

  8. Deb, you should rightly be proud of your Grandchildren, they are simply beautiful.

  9. You have the most beautiful grandkids (and kids, for that matter!) I love Riley's dress!

  10. Another funny cat fur pattern, Rosie looks so sweet !

  11. Your grandchildren are beautiful and I do so love the dress. I am a dress lover! I would love to hold Rosie!

  12. Love the photos and it's nice to see your grandchildren. What a blessing they are!

  13. Great shot of our sweetheart Rosie Deb. I may be prejudice but...ain't she the softest cuddle bug! Thanks for your fabulous care of her.