Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So long, gorgeous.

Well, darn it, I broke my favorite & most gorgeous tea-pot today.
And, it was full of hot tea at the time of it's expiry. Now that's just a big waste. Well, it was my own fault. I failed to check to see if the little piece that holds the handle on was in-tact and where it should be. It wasn't. It had slipped off and the pot slid out of the handle and hit the counter.

So, the moral of the story is...You attention to what you are doing and stop breaking your stuff. Now, I'll be on the hunt for another 'favorite' tea-pot but it won't have the same type of handle. I'm too clumsy.

But to lighten my mood, we have been getting beautiful weather with lots of sunshine lately. Around here, it is very much appreciated.

warming her floof.

Did you know that Fall is only 27 days away?
Sept. 23 is the first day of Autumn.
I don't mind at all. though. I love the Fall with it's colours, cool breezes and cozy sweaters.
If only it would last I wished for my tea-pot.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sorry to hear about that beautiful teapot! Can you use it for something else now, like a planter or something? I hate it when those things happen and find them hard to just throw away. :-( BEAUTIFUL cat and wow, your Shetland Sheep Dog is quite an oldie and also beautiful. Our GSD lived to 12+ and I miss that dog so much. Hope you have a nice fallish day.

  2. Sorry about your tea pot, but it looks like the pot itself is in one piece ... just the handle that is broken. Our favorite things are made to be used -- that's what I think -- pleasure to look at and pleasure to use. Your header is fun. I'm always ready for Autumn! ;)

  3. It is a shame about the tea pot. Hope you find a replacement that you love.
    Such a sweet photo of Sierra. Like you, I love Autumn. Have a nice day.

  4. That teapot looks like it could be repaired. Use heavy duty glue for glassware. Don't you just hate it when that happens? I always say I'm glad I broke it so I don't have to be mad at someone else. lol....

    Oh! Little tea~pot, that's short and stout,
    I see your handle, l see your spout,
    But, tell me, where's your beautiful top,
    For which original purpose, you were bought..?
    (Kathy McCullough).
    (Google..The Broken Tea~Pot...For the rest of the poem)!

    HeHe! At least Audrey's not to blame! Bless!

  6. Morning Deb....
    Yucky about your favorite teapot....
    Perhaps a new Violet could take up residence in it....
    I love chunky sweaters,too!
    Enjoy your day...Miss V and I are chillin'.....♥️
    Linda :o)

  7. Yikes! Glad you didn't drop that full teapot on your toe...that's happened around here. It's supremely hot and muggy around here today, and I'm trying to soak it in to re-use when it's cold and blowy. Too much cold and blowy earlier this year..I think I was traumatized by it!

  8. Funny how we become attached to things. And your teapot was a very distinctive one - not easy to replace, I imagine.

  9. Years ago I had filled a favorite teapot--a 'Brown Betty" type and placed it on the table for breakfast. A cat strolling by jumped at the edge of the tablecloth and of course everything slid to the floor. [the cat was not scalded by flying hot tea!] Funny how we get attached to a mere piece of crockery.
    Love the 'hairy' detail of the cat photo.

  10. Oh I hate when I break a treasure, but it happens. Oh Sierra you are so pretty!

  11. Awwww. Now it looks like a beautiful planter for a leafy item that just covers the booboo!

  12. I am just glad the hot tea didn't scold you ! Some things just cant be replaced ! I do like your header photo ! Hope you can find another tea pot that makes you as happy as this one did ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  13. I think it is the heat of August that makes us long for the cool of September, even the word September has a soothing sound to it. Darn about that tea pot handle! I broke the handle of one of my favorite pottery cups the other day, which was a real bummer, as it cost me $24 and has a beautiful little bird hand-painted on the surface,

  14. What a bother it is to break things, especially well-loved items. Sometimes, we're too used just to picking things up without checking. And why would we every time we use it? And a waste of tea, too. As Country Gal wrote, it's a good thing you weren't burned by the hot tea.

  15. Time to put a pretty posey in that teapot cum planter! ;) A teapot flower arrangement would look very pretty in the centre of your table :)

    Sophie and the critters in he cottage xo

  16. And here starts the Spring, the most colorful season southern Brazil!!!!!

  17. I'm sorry about your teapot, and glad you weren't burned by hot tea! That is a beautiful photo of Sierra. She's so pretty and looks so relaxed!

  18. Lucky that you didn't get burned. I wonder if the cats heard any choice bad language...

    1. You bet they did, William. And...Audrey loved it.

  19. Sorry about our teapot but glad nobody got hurt. (That's always my consolation when I do something klutzy.) That is a wonderful photo of Sierra. Just love those paws. Fall is truly right around the corner and I cannot wait. For me, it is the best time of the year.

  20. Sierra is such a beauty, great shot! Sorry about the teapot :(
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello to my Peeka.

  21. What a gorgeous photo of Sierra. And so sorry about the teapot Sounds like something I'd do!