Thursday, August 21, 2014

i love my Nana and this week's charming charges

Gwynn dropped in today and was very excited to show Nan her new t-shirt.
ok - it's not easy to have Nana, Gwynn and the t-shirt look good in a photo all at the same time so you'll have to believe me when I say it says "i love my Nana."
This little one is going to be one soon so mom dropped by to write out some invitations to her birthday bash while Gwynn and I went for a walk before it rained. Right now her favorite thing to do is to point at things (as you can see) so while we walked...she pointed. We are still living in a mess and things are here, there and everywhere, but soon it will end. (Please dear God.) Half the living-room is now in the dining-room. I don't DO renovations very well and we seem to always be renovating this old house.                     

After four days of rain we are getting very tired of this weather. Thankfully, I am busy with cat-sitting and all my work is indoors.
Hope you have some sun where you are. If you do, count yourself lucky.

hugs, Deb


  1. Gwyn is too cute and getting big! One, already!!!! Purrrsss to all.

  2. That little Gwyn is just gorgeous...what a sweetie!

  3. Gwyn's a sweetie!

    The cats are adorable, particularly Ebony!

  4. Very sweet kitty pics and Gwynn is a petite little doll. So cute!
    I know you two had a great time together.
    We had rain and strong wind yesterday. Today it is hot/muggy. Tomorrow night is our block party and I'm hoping it won't rain!
    Wishing you a nice upcoming weekend.

  5. That Gwyn is adorable and I can't believe she is almost one! Love the kitties!

  6. Mooty? What an unusual name! My parents would pull our hair up like Gwynn's, and we'd call it a waterfall. There was another name in Polish that I can say but cannot spell!

  7. Beautiful grand baby....yes, we are blessed.

  8. Gwyn is so pretty and she looks a lot like her Nana!