Friday, August 15, 2014

little vases & grandittles, too.

I love 'little vases' and found a few while antique-shopping over the summer. I have no idea what these pieces were used for at one time but to me they make great flower vases.

All pottery...all so pretty. Most are signed on the bottom, too.

I love to put them here and there around the house with just a posie or two in each.

We babysat the grandittles tonight in their cottage. Gramps was showing Riley and Bradley how a fire-place worked.
After we filled up on pizza, it was time for a movie and tonight's choice was Toy Story.
An all-time favorite.

Everyone get comfy. You too, Ozzie.
Oh yes, we can't forget Cooper.

The movie kept their attention, ours too, and there's always a villain in every movie.
"Run Woody, Run."
Phew...he made it.

And once again...all was fine.

Lots of giggles, lots of fun. "See you again soon, munchkins."

hugs, Deb


  1. Hehe! That is really lovely!
    When my George was alive, he would watch the snooker.
    He loved it...Sometimes, he'd go behind the telly, to see
    where the balls had gone....! Would'nt watch any other ball
    games, just snooker! HeHe! Always on 'CUE'. :>).

  2. I can re-watch "Toy Story" over and over too! Good to see kidlets and kitties together.

  3. What the kids are big!!!
    Beautiful!!!! ♥

  4. Deb as always your photos are LOVELY!!! Thanks for the important comment you made on the blog today. I sooo wish you had "follow by email" on yours! That's how I follow blogs nowadays, if you have it and I am missing it, please let me know. If you don't, would you please consider adding it? Thanks!! Caren

  5. I had a good snuggle with Tiger the other day and for the first time ever Charlie curled up on the other side of me! I think that only happened because he missed me so much and isn't letting me get too far from him right now. Love your sweet little Grands!

  6. What adorable grandlittles! And I see you have the same weather - a fire in the fireplace and it's August! I would snuggle with any of them - littles or kittles!

  7. They are precious grandchildren. Love that the kitties joined the party too!
    Wishing you a nice weekend. Mildred

  8. Aw..they are so cute! You captured their expressions perfectly! What a fun time!