Thursday, August 7, 2014

Change...not so good for some

                       I am never alone when I eat lunch.

And I mean, NEVER. But that's just fine with me. ;-) It's our time to hash over our morning, me and Joe. He loves people and he is very expressive. When he 'talks' he sounds like a girl squealing. Makes me laugh every time.

I need a few laughs these days. I'm spending more time outside as we are in the midst of renovations. Yes, the retired-guy has big plans and it involves destroying our house. Actually, he is replacing our wood-stove for a gas-stove and putting in a new door and window that will open on to the deck. We have had it with a sliding door. And, we will finally be rid of the fake stone. The room also needs more light so a window will be added. Big plans...HUGE mess, but it has to be done, I guess. :-b
This renovation will improve the feel and function of the room. At least, that's what I'm counting on. Right now, I just want to be anywhere but here.

Audrey is perplexed. She's about ready to bite his ankles if he doesn't stop making noise and ruining her naps.

"They're all goin' nuts here. I'll have bags down to my whiskers if this doesn't stop."
This fake stone was on the wall when we bought the house many years ago. It's odd what you can live with when life is really busy.

"Oh, good grief. He's killing our hot-box and would you just look at this mess."

"I'm outahere"


I think I'm going to need a big, fat cookie along with a strong cup of tea, before this day is over. cookies go well with wine? ;-) I'll let you know.
More to come.

On a happier note..."Happy 32nd Birthday to my daughter, Jess." Looking forward to a celebration dinner. (No, not at my place...gah!)
hugs, Deb 


  1. Last weekend in the paper....over here in the UK..A cat
    called Rocky, was given an 'Animal Asbo'. for terrorising
    his neighbourhood, accused of biting people, damaging
    property, and, injuring other moggies! Even, entering
    residents homes and refusing to leave. Bless!
    So! It's a 'Catsbo for Rocky'.
    If it was me...I'd give him a medal....! :).

  2. Audrey, you poor girl! The things you have to put up with!
    But in the end there will be a nice new warm place.
    Until then, ankle biting may be your only source of stress relief. Since kitties don't drink yucky wine.

  3. Poor kitties! haha. We're going to be redoing our kitchen and replacing some flooring throughout the house in the near future. I can't imagine what our cats are going to think! I cracked up at the upclose shot of Audrey. Hilarious! How exciting though, when it's all done. Such a mess while in progress though!

  4. Hang in there.....just think how much you are going to enjoy the finished outcome! What a big job to tackle! go ahead and have a glass of wine....calms the nerves! It's going to be such fun to document the progress with pictures!

  5. Though it's a mess, you can tell how well-built those old houses are by the structure underneath. They make today's houses look like papier-mâché. Come the autumn, Audrey and all the other cats will be glad of the changes, but it's always tough for cats - and humans - to think that way while everything is in an uproar.

  6. Go for the wine! ;) After the mess, bliss!

  7. I'm thinking that you are going to LUB the new look, and will forget all about the hassles. Kitties hate change, but it's funny how well they roll with it. Humans...???

  8. Yikes! We'd be under the bed with all that stuff going on.

  9. Oh My !!!!
    I've been remodeling my house for a couple of years now.
    Last year, we did the carpets and removed some of the wood flooring with tiles. Entry halls and upstairs halls and both bathrooms. This Summer we did the kitchen. New counters, back splash and resurfaced the wood floors. Next is the cabinets and woodwork. This will go on forever I think.

    Do show us after pictures when you can.

  10. Yikes, renovations are not fun to live with! BUT...think how wonderful your home will be with more light and a new 'hot box'!! Love the close up of Audrey...she just has the most interesting face. Have that big cookie with tea and later a glass of wine!

  11. Every renovation, no matter how small, always turns into a BIG MESS. I love the pictures of your cats! I wish mine were not so camera shy.

  12. A good chocolate cookie, maybe...but my preference with red wine is a really good and rich chocolate...preferably Swiss (of course...that's my heritage!)
    We went through that process for about 2 months. Shook up one of my kitties so much she started peeing all over everywhere except her box (especially on our bed which was REALLY, really gross!) A little Rescue Remedy flower essence in their food might help if they get agitated. Our little Cleo is easily agitated and stressed out though so I'm sure her reaction was more severe...
    Good luck on your project...and do stock up on good chocolate and wine!!!

  13. The cats are no doubt taking bets as to how long this is going to take.

  14. Ah, lathe and plaster...that is what I dealt with when we opened up the kitchen in the studio....what a mess. I feel for you.

  15. Are you guys doing all that work yourselves? Looks like a big job but I'm sure will look awesome later when winter rolls around. Gosh that won't be long the way this summer is flying by…….lucky you with so many beautiful cats to snuggle up with!!


  16. My daughter has a wood burning stove like that one in her kitchen. The cats (as well as the family) love it in the winter.

  17. Oh boy, that is QUITE a job he's doing!! Just keep thinking how beautiful it will be when it's done!