Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The weekend flew by as they all seem to do. It was so nice to celebrate my daughter, Jess and Mike's wedding anniversary by sitting with my little grandittle while she slept and her parents enjoyed an evening out. It was odd to have her already tucked in bed on arrival but she is growing in leaps and bounds and sleep comes early.
So, I sat with little Ruby, Audrey's sister, and we cuddled the evening away.
Hugo, who many of you may remember, took to the basement where it was cool and quiet.

Ruby is a lover of one particular chair in her home and, as the evening wore on, gave me a 'cat in window' photo for you today.

"Thanks, Ruby-doo."

We are all very touched by the passing of Robin Williams. He was always one to leave you laughing and I expect he will be entertaining the angels now. Rest in peace, Robin.  You touched so many and today is a very sad day for us all. We will miss you.

hugs, Deb


  1. Yes! So sad about Robin Williams.....
    Our loss..heavens gain...Always thought he was
    the very best. I've done stand up in my time, and,
    like him, never used a script. Off the cuff, with the
    audience. remember him once taking a ladies hand
    bag, and going through it, cracking joke after joke,
    on every article he took out the bag...Brilliant!
    He'll be having St Peter in stitches by now! Bless!x

  2. Ruby is such a beauty, but then she's got it in the family!

    It's strange to feel that absense of someone you never met, but he was such a good actor, and such a presence.

  3. So nice to see Ruby! I remember when she was just a little thing. Robin Williams ... hard to believe we will only see him in our memories...............

  4. yes, it is a very sad day for us all....

  5. I love the artist Robin Willians and it is a sad lost to the entertainment world!

  6. Your cats are just adorable, your grandittles so much so...Robin Williams entertained the troops to no end what a fellow what a creative genius, loving human being..One so talented had great depression and some other things he worked mightly on, may the heavens be filled with his joy and laughter, it will be so sad not to have him here on earth..

  7. I just love grey cats - they always looks so velvety and cuddly. It was very sad news this morning. I think that such brilliance walks a very fine line between light and darkness. I hope his soul is soothed - he touched so many lives.

  8. Ruby is a cutie! Robin Williams grew up near here, and attended school not far from where I went to school. Always thought of him as a home-town kid, and can remember easily his visits to Johnny Carson and how Johnny would just laugh and laugh at Robin's antics. Farewell, Robin Williams.

  9. How sweet of Ruby to pose for us!
    I was stunned by Mr. Williams' passing. Very sad.

  10. Wouldn't you just love to see Ruby and Audrey's cat-dad?

    Money, fame and family couldn't keep
    Mr. William's demons at bay. Very sad.

  11. It is so very sad! I don't usually get too too worked up over celebrity deaths, but this one is so awful. He suffered so much but still gave so much to the world!