Saturday, August 16, 2014

Preferred nap spots.

It is flippin' cold here today. I'm actually wearing socks and looking up at a maple tree from the office window and there, in all it's glory, is a splash of red and yellow leaves. "What is going on? It's only August and Fall is showing it's colours. Odd!"

This is very common to see in our home on cooler days, although I am quite surprised they are still sleeping in the living-room where all the renovating is going on.
You can see I don't spend much on cat beds. They just ignore them anyway.

In the front is our four year old, Annie and lying on one of my discarded knitted samples is eighteen year old Lily. Annie stays very close to her old friend just like I knew she would. If you look close you will see some tabby stripes in the little wicker cat house. Yes, that's our Sierra.

You might be wondering where #4...Audacious Audrey might be spending her morning. Well, as always, she is in one of her 'hidey-holes' and won't be out 'til dinner.

I'll show you...
"Beat it!"

Ahhh...she kills me. We are off to our property for a grass-cutting and some clean-up.
I'll be bringing along a warm sweater, that's for sure.
hugs, Deb


  1. I guess we are having signs of spring - lambs on the farms, daffodils are popping out and blossoms on the trees. Oh and lots more bird song in the mornings.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Love seeing your furbabes. Mine sleep in the oddest places in the strangest positions ... but I guess that's part of being a cat! Put a towel down and there's a cat sleeping on it. Leave my crochet work bag open and there's a cat sleeping.

  3. Good Morning! What sweet pictures. Isn't the weather unusual this summer? Seems that fall is coming early. Stay warm today and give your sweet kitties a scratch on the chin from me. Mildred

  4. Enjoyed your photos and also finding your blog since the past two days have been very cat-centric. Your cats have definitely mastered the nap

  5. The nap photo warmed my heart :)
    I actually wore slippers the other day! I refuse to wear socks yet!

  6. Yes, it's strange how cool it's gotten. It feels like October. The cats, as always are too cute. Audrey knows the esteemed value of a good hidey hole.

  7. Sleeping kitties make me smile!! So glad to be home with Charlie. He hasn't left my side since my return and I've promised to stay home for awhile!!

  8. Lovely photos ! Yes it is windy and quite chilly here today very fall like ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. What sweet kitties! Fall seems to arriving early here too.

  10. It's a fine day for a snooze, as the rain falls. Cats are so beautiful, sleeping or awake!

  11. Audrey if laying under Lilly, are those Audrey's ear under Lily? How funny

    1. Very observant, Gail, but no, that is a grey blanket. It is often I find her with another animal on top, though, as she sleeps inside blankets all the time. I'll have to catch that in a photo for you. :)

  12. Annie looks so much larger than Lily!
    Thank goodness for Annie's comforting presence in Lily's golden years. I think the hand of a Higher Authority was at work here.
    Audrey, you kill us too! Love to all.

  13. Hi Kari - Yes, Annie is much larger than Lily. Annie is overweight by 2lbs and Lily is only 5lbs. We can't seem to get any weight on Lily now that she has pancreatitis and Annie is the type of cat that puts weight on easily so we are working on that. No dry food and a bit more exercise for awhile. Audrey...well, she's just perfect. :)