Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oh, such pretty houses.

After two days of rain we saw a bit of sun today. I took that opportunity to go for a walk around town.
I took a different route and passed by this little house. It's beauty stopped me in my tracks and I decided to take some photos for you to see how sweet it is. The flowers were beautiful.

There is such a nip in the air today that I am starting to think we may not see these blooms for much longer.

Then I walked right across town and passed one of my favorite old homes in our area.

This is the home where I captured this 'cat in window' photo years back.

I wonder if the pretty white cat still enjoys this window?

hugs, Deb


  1. Both homes are beautiful. Cute little kitty.

  2. Those houses are just charming! Someone has a green thumb! Today is cool here, too! I had to close the windows this morning because it was TOO cold. ha. Wow.

  3. I'd love to move into the little house! Gorgeous blooms. Bring a smile to the face. Feel like jumping for joy! !!!!

  4. The first house is so lovely ,and the garden is so romantic !!

  5. Those homes are beautiful ♥
    I had to walk to the dentist yesterday and it was quite chilly. I've also noticed that some of the trees are starting to turn color already.
    I love seeing a cat in the window--they make a house a home, I think.

  6. Oh, that garden! And I love the red screen door on the house with the white kitty.

  7. I love those houses. I'm quite envious.

  8. Toy town houses, that's what they look like.
    Your Summer must be shorter than ours Deb.

  9. Hi Deb...
    Love the style of both homes, and the gardens are lovely...
    What a great walk you had...
    Linda :o)

  10. Deb, Both houses are lovely but that first one would be my dream home. It is picture perfect!

  11. Oh, yes, it feels much cooler today. I find myself wishing the rain would just quit for a few days. We've had enough.

  12. Both of those houses are so lovely. The owners have done a superb job with the flowers and landscaping. I can see why they are your favorites.

  13. I've just enjoyed a peaceful 'catch-up' with your posts. Cats and flowers--both so beautiful. Some cats are so 'knowing'--like your dear Annie-- like my much-loved [and missed] Eggnog.

  14. Very beautiful fotos ... flowers, house, little cut.
    Good walk!

  15. Love those houses--love the porch on the first one. I love seeing cats in the window--safe and sound inside where they should be :)