Monday, August 25, 2014

Buddy & Jenny


The morning starts early with my kitty-clients, Molly, Buddy, Jenny and Tink.
After lapping up the stinky goodness, Bud and Jenny were happy to give me some cute photos for you. Once their tummies are full, they are very co-operative.

Jenny likes to watch me prepare their breakfast, which takes much longer than it should because I keep looking over at her with admiration. Isn't she adorable?

It was fun caring for you lovely cats. Hope to see you again soon.

Thank you to all my dish-lovin' friends who took a moment to share how they like to display their tea and coffee cups on a shelf.
Most of you like 'right side up' which suits me just fine.
I did ask Audrey her opinion and she immediately went to her alphabet blocks and spelled out 'UPSIDE DOWN ON YOUR HED'.
She's been looking for her 'A' for a week now.
I think it may be under the fridge.

hugs, Deb


  1. Jenny is certainly a doll, and Buddy has such beautiful furrs. Audrey is quite the character, isn't she? LOL!

  2. oh such pretty kitties. great photos Deb! that Audrey!

  3. Buddy and Jenny are beautiful! And I like to display cups "right side up" too.

  4. There's something about cats in bright sunshine that makes for a beautiful picture - aside from the beautiful cats, I mean.

  5. I agree... cats in their sun spot make me want to lie down next to them.

  6. OMW your kitty clients are adorable. And I just LOVE Audrey; she'd team up well with our little Ambrose who's the Hedges kitty blogger every Sunday. Have a wonderful day. Jo

  7. What beautiful cats! And just what is their "stinky goodness" of choice?

  8. Lovely cats and once I find my tea cups...they'll be right-side-up too!

  9. Buddy is quite the handsome lad!!! And lovely ladies too!!!

  10. Those are some beautiful cats! Those eyes!

  11. We will be watching our son' s Buddy in October...
    He is a diabetic...2 needles a day....yikey Mikey!
    Linda :o)