Sunday, August 17, 2014

Country cats

The rain has finally stopped and hopefully the sun will make an appearance today.

Sunday mornings are quite lazy around here unless I have kitty-clients to feed.
Today is a 'no work' day for me so a second cup of coffee is a necessity.

"What are you doing, Audrey?"

=^..^= "Cuddlin' my best friend forever" 
"You do realize that it's that way because she is the only one that can tolerate you most times."

                                              =^..^=   "and your point is....

We took advantage of a break in the rain and headed out to our property for some clean-up.

Once there,  we were greeted by this gal...

and her tuxedo friend.
They were both very interested in all that we were doing.

Fingers crossed that they just live over the stone fence. We'll be back this week and I'll ask around.

hugs, Deb


  1. The cats heard you were moving in....they head up the welcome committee!
    Jane x

  2. They both look in good shape, so they've got humans somewhere to wait upon them. They're beautiful!

  3. Awwww....Love your cuddly cats and I do hope these other two belong to someone closeby. Glad you had a break in the rain. Wishing you a nice Sunday evening, Deb.

  4. Sounds like a nice day. You may have two new kitties ....!!!!! :)

  5. Gee I do enjoy your sense of humour!
    Or is Audrey actually responsible for the text? Hahaha!
    Those cookies look your wee shredder♥️
    Glad you got some clean up done...when do you start building?
    Saturday was hideous at the cottage...we drove to Welland!
    Today was gorgeous...but of course....we had to come home :o(
    Perhaps those cats will be your newest charges!
    Linda :o)

  6. Audrey has the most unusual face. She makes me smile. All of your cats are beautiful. I've wanted a tractor like yours for a long time. :)

  7. Oh Audrey, you are such a 'cat' sometimes!!

  8. "and your point is..."

    LOL!!! You made my day.

  9. I always think, Audrey is a number one poser!x
    Now! She's a number one cuddler! Bless!
    AND...A number one star as well...!x
    (Well we all know that)!

  10. Audrey is hilarious. Glad she has found her bestie.

  11. I love that Audrey! So funny! I do think your country kitties look like they must have a home nearby.

  12. You´re pictures always make me smile!

  13. Hello, Audrey. You certainly make life interesting :)
    The country felines are lovely!

  14. Audrey, such silliness you must endure! Hope those two friendly yard cats have a home!

  15. Love your photos! Sierra is always my favorite. After reading your blog for several years, I have to ask if you have any tips for keeping cat hair and kitty litter under control. As someone who has always had at least two indoor cat for the previous 30+ years, I'm always interested in how other people approach these issues. My cats (indoor only) are brushed each morning and evening before being fed which does seem to help. There still seem to be times of the year (maybe when coats would change due to weather if there were outside?) when pet hair is more of a problem. Enjoy your blog and photos. A highlight of my blog reading! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think brushing as often as possible is all you can do, Shirley. I use a flea comb to get down to the undercoat and then a brush for the top. Saying that, I still vacuum up cat hair all the time. I keep a small vacuum on both floors so I have easy access to one and it really helps to keep the worst of it at bay. No...I think the only answer is a hairless cat. They are actually quite cute. :)

  16. Love Audrey and Sierra together!
    Boy, I hope the delightful duo have homes. It's the time of year that summer visitors to the country or the seaside abandon pets.