Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Top cat

Our 4 fabulous felines.


                                  & darling old Lily

...wish you a fine day.

You may wonder how these four felines manage to get along so well in our home.
Most multi-cat households will have a 'top cat', and in our home, that would be Lily.
It seems that if all the cats understand this, things can run quite smoothly.

One of the ways of deciphering which cat is on the highest level in a home is to watch which one likes to be above the other cats any chance they get. One may take to the highest seat on the cat-tree or always sit on a wall-shelf looking down. Oddly, in our home I don't notice that happening at all. What I do notice is that at meal-time our Lily always eats first, especially if they are sharing some cut-up chicken on a large plate. Both Annie and Audrey wait until Lily has finished her portion before they dig in. I find that very interesting. Sometimes age will play a factor in status but an older, unhealthy cat can quickly lose the top cat position. That has not happened here as yet although our Lily is eighteen and has pancreatitis.
Sierra has always been an indoor-outdoor cat and has not included herself in the goings-on of our other three. She tends to eat by herself most times away from the others. I would say she is more of a loner.

Here is something to read on this subject if you are interested.

Even though I live with and work with cats, I realize that I will never really know 'the cat' completely.  They will always be the most fascinating creatures to me and I learn something new about them every-day.
hugs, Deb


  1. In my house, Tungsten is the top-cat. She's the tiniest but the oldest, and she fears nothing. She's friends with Renn but once in a while, that big boy's big nose will sniff too much of Tungsten, and she'll put him in his place with a few whaps. It's funny to see a large, muscular animal backing away in submission from a cat a third its size.

  2. When Charlie came home with me we had another cat and I could see him 'bow down' to her as the head kitty. Now he is the head kitty and the only kitty and seems to really like that the best!

  3. One of the many aspects of cats I appreciate is they are not easily pegged personality -wise. Just when you think you've figured out your cat he'll surprise you. And cats are pretty good at doing many things very "un-catlike" sometimes.

    You have very fine cats and wow , 18 years old ~ Go Lily !

    1. Thanks Kathy. She is hanging in there. :)

  4. Love the photos of your girls. Annie has a cute tummy :)
    There is always something new to learn about felines. Thanks for the link!

  5. Chucky is the top-cat inside; I put his food bowl down first, and he also get's a tax (taste) of any food going outside to the friendly ferals. Outside, Patty O'Malley hogs the spotlight, but he politely steps aside for Mia. However, he photobombs almost every shot I take of her! You have beautiful kitties, and these are wonderful photos.

  6. Your gang of felines are so adorable!

  7. Does the retired guy take those great shots of you?
    Enjoy your evening..
    Linda :o)

    1. Only if I twist his arm. :) You enjoy your evening, too, Linda.

  8. I love the photos. Our oldest cat, Kaboodle, is definitely top cat here. Even the bravest of the 6 is "afraid" of Kaboodle!
    I always wanted to be a top cat too!!! lol