Sunday, August 24, 2014

'dish' question for all my dish-lovin' friends.

It's always a race here to see who will hunker down in my french bread basket (which never holds bread, by the way) once placed as a center-piece on my table.
Today, it holds all 9 lbs. of our lovely Sierra. Do Not Disturb!

I have a 'dish' question for all my dish-lovin' followers.
When you decorate shelving with dishes, and you want to display tea and coffee cups, should you place them right-side up or upside-down on the shelf to avoid dust? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

Like this...
or like this...
I couldn't find a photo of open shelving with the cups upside-down but this is close.

Or, should you just hang them like this?

hugs, Deb


  1. Well! I'm gonna be perfectly honest here! :).
    There is no way l would display cups/saucers etc
    out on open shelves..They belong in a cupboard with
    closing doors, so it does'nt matter which way up they
    are...On my pine Welsh dresser l have little ornaments,
    photos, and plants..definitely NO cups and saucers....!
    My home is my home....NOT a cafe....! :>).
    (HeHe! Well..You did ask).

    On second thoughts...I think Audrey would be the best one
    to ask..!x

  2. I'm not a biog collector like you are, Deb, but I do have a few things on display. The 'on display' things I usually show right-side-up. For storage in my daily use cupboards the cups are rim down.
    If you look really closely at the bottom picture, it looks like the doors on the cupboard are solid, so the cups, etc. are not really on display all the time. They are just showing a picture of beautifully organized shelves that are usually behind closed solid doors.
    Putting the cups upside down might save them from dust inside, but when you dust, you get to fondle the lovely pieces.

  3. I've done all three! For the behind the doors I usually have the cups upside down. If there are where they can be seen, I have them right side up and I have hung cups on hooks. I grab and use where ever they are. I like the idea of asking Audrey! ;)

  4. I agree with Snap. Behind closed doors, rim down. To display, rim up and yes cup hooks are always great. I have a French drying rack that I hand mugs on next to my coffee machine.

  5. In and out of the cupboard rim up. My Nana always told me rim up as there is always a chance of chipping the rim when it is down. Now in all fairness this was a time when the shelves were probably a wee bit rougher than our sleek shelves today. But if my Nana said to do it I would do it :) Wishing you all a lovely tea day rim up or rim down ......

  6. Interesting topic, deb. I looked on Houzz open shelves kitchen design photos and most of the photos showed everything, including martini glasses, up!
    For me it's "show"ers up, "use"ers down. I follow my late gran's example of using a fresh linnen towel to wipe items before setting the table. It's something she always did, probably from the days of water spotting.

  7. A difficult question indeed Deb! I mix them. Sometimes I put them upside down on the shelf and other times the normal way or sideways. I find it difficult to make a decisions :-)

    Happy week!

  8. I would leave the decision to Audrey!

    The cats obviously find that bread basket entirely comfortable.

  9. Hi Deb: Love the centerpiece. Do they just go looking for these great place to lay?? I put cups, glasses, upside down, Jerry comes along and puts them right side up. You never know!!..Happy Sunday..Judy

  10. I've always stored mine up...but if they don't get used often, I can see the advantage of having them down! Either way is pretty in those pictures. I do love the hooks...reminds me of Emma Bridgewater stuff...

    Open shelves are SO in right now...and so handy in the kitchen! Can't wait to see what you do!

  11. Sierra looks a bit like a kitty meatloaf in the bread basket. She does fit in there nicely.
    I store all my glassware & cups with the rim up. Most glasses & cups I have seen are designed to to used & stored in the upright position. The base is thicker to balance the height and withstand the repeated setting down they will take over their lifetime of use. The rim is the most fragile part of the glass/cup, so why would I want to encourage chipping & breakage. I also do not like to drink from glasses where the rim has been in contact with the cupboard shelves. The flat surface does get some dust buildup on it & bacteria can grow even on clean looking wood or shelf liner.
    Over the years I have asked the occasional friend or in-law how they came to store their glasses & cups with the rim down. They usually get a blank look on their face & then respond "I do it because that's the way my mother always did it". So apparently there is a genetic rationale for why some people stack their glasses rim up or rim down. What I can tell you, with 100% accuracy, is that cats could not care less how their china is stacked. They only care that their plate is filled twice a day with good food. My cats dine using Johnson Brothers china and I usually eat off a paper plate. Life is strange that way when you live with cats.
    I do love the open shelving you have shown in your recent posts. In fact I have one big bare wall in my kitchen that I would love to have 2 large shelves installed. I wouldn't use them for storing everyday dishes because I live alone & they would gather dust, but they would be wonderful for displaying seasonal dishware & pottery. For some families I think open shelves would be a very casual & functional way to go. Think of how much less cabinet door banging there would be,