Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Never stop dreaming

Sierra finding refuge from the sun while I clean up the fallen apples from our tree.
She enjoys her time outside with us although now it's quite limited. 
She seems content to be indoors lately.

And while she's dreaming of mousies...

I'm doing some dreaming myself.

It started with me tidying up my kitchen cupboard. Dusting off some pottery bowls and filling some jars with seeds.

I've been looking on-line at photos of cottage country kitchens.
I was really drawn to the colours of this cupboard and it's contents.
right down to the scones...yum!

And look at these built-in cupboards. Heaven!

And imagine having a little potting corner that looks like this.

I love the open shelves here.

Yellow and blue
It's always so homey.
(I see you little step-back cupboard)

And I love how the fridge is hidden in this photo.
And take a peak in the next room....a gorgeous cupboard full of dishes.

I love everything about this kitchen
The window at the sink, a pretty island, large built-in cupboards and more shelving above the stove.
And look at how sweet that stove is. 

And here's to all the dishaholics. Wouldn't it be fun filling these little cubbies with all your favorite pieces.
I could do problem.  :-b

You can never stop dreaming, right?
hugs, Deb


  1. Dreaming is good even as I think I need to get rid of and not bring anything else home! So, I've promised myself nothing new. If I find it at a thrift shop, that's different ... recycle and reuse! ;) Sierra is beautiful.

  2. Dreaming is free and easy! I love that last photo, oh my I could fill up shelves like that for sure! Glad to see Sierra getting a little outdoor time.

  3. Oh my, those kitchens are soooo inviting. I love the basic old-fashioned whites and off whites with little pops of color. Modern kitchens can never have that kind of charm.

    Glad Sierra still gets to go out under careful supervision.

  4. Someone has been surfing Pinterest!!!
    Aren't the pictures beautiful?
    I have a Pinterest looking for stuff you like...
    Are you on Pinterest?
    OK...could I be anymore annoying...saying the P word 100 times!
    Love the green dishes...I have a few...but no THAT many...wish I did!!
    Sierra looks very content and happy to be HOME♥️
    Enjoy your evening my dear...
    Linda :o)

  5. That last cupboard is something else!

    Sierra half dozing looks quite content!

  6. I love the green vintage glass mix. I really have to do something with my hodge podge of stuff. Nothing harmonizes with anything else and I'm bursting at the seams.
    Glad to see Sierra resting peacefully.
    Hope she's forgotten everything.

  7. So lion-like!!! She certainly has the Queen of the jungle thing down!

  8. Dreams are very important. We must dreams fulfil from time to time. Picture - the bulit-in cupboard of kitchen - is very, very nice. I want the kitchen!! Hi hi.
    The caress for Sierra!

  9. I love all these kitchens. It really makes me think about a redo here in my very dark, but cozy kitchen. I long for a new look. I drool over that yellow ware, my gosh, have you ever seen such a collection?!

  10. haha...oh, you are so like me! I could fill those shelves and cubbies with dishes and love it! I've never met a dish I didn't like. haha. I especially love all the green depression glass in the cupboard...gorgeous!

  11. Geat ideas & inspirations. I especially like the last kitchen picture, window above the sink... I noticed that the exhaust hood is hidden in the built in over the stove, genious!
    The last photo of the big wall of dish storage, wow wow wow. I'd love to be able to see everything I have all in one place!
    Meow =^..^=