Monday, August 11, 2014

Garden party & tucking in the kitties.

Thank you all for you nice comments on my post, My Annie. I am still smiling when I think of some of your stories about a cat in your life that you know is full of love for their human. I really enjoyed reading about how each individual cat shows their affection and gratitude for a loving, forever home.  All four of our cats are lovable in their own way. Sometimes when we sit together in the living-room it's an absolute feline love-in.

There is nothing better to welcome August than to have a 'garden party'. My walking buddy, Sue from, did just that. She has an exceptionally lovely yard filled with beautiful perennials, a pond and colourful gardens. It was loads of fun.
I was assigned 'cookies' for the pot-luck.

There was blackened cajun chicken, an assortment of delicious salads, french bread, fruit and veggie trays and to end it, home-made carrot cake and cookies. So good!

Here's the Hostess with the Mostess.

Here you can see some of Susan's gardens.

Thanks for the party, Sue & Iain.
And it was great to meet the newest member of your family, little Daphne

Then it was off to kitty-sit and put some senior kitties to bed.
Like darling Jenny who lives with Willow and Parker.
This precious cat is 21 years old and the apple of her owner's eye.
She is never left very long in my care but does so well when she is.
I never say good-night without dishing out a bowl of sliced up chicken in a broth, warmed just right.
"Nighty-night, Jenny. Sleep well." 
and you, too, Willow.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ah! Look! At that Jenny!x
    She is lovely...Bless!x
    She looks better than l did
    at 21...! :>).

  2. Hello, sweet Jenny ♥
    What a lovely party.
    Cuddles for Willow. She has such pretty markings.

  3. Summy parties are the bestest! Jenny is just a doll, and Willow looks like she's ready for some play fun!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Your cookies were amazing :) I will drop by today or tomorrow with your container...

  5. 21 years old...what a sweet old lady she is! Aww.

    How nice to be invited to that lovely garden party! Everything looks wonderful!

  6. Oh Jenny, we love senior kitties here!
    You are a very sweet and elegant lady. Kisses and hugs to you. Willow and Parker too!

  7. Carrot cake with friends is very good. Willow and Jenny are real beauties.

  8. I love all of the features this week - so much inspiration! Thank you for graciously hosting this party,
    Minimalist Loft Design in Prague

  9. The garden party sounds lovely! The kitties are both just beautiful.

  10. Willow looks very much like my cat, Bonnie. Same colours of grey, white and tan. Do you call that calico or is it just domestic moggie? Oh, and Jenny is gorgeous!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  11. I didn't realize that cats could live to age 21. Is that very unusual?

    1. Hi Rebecca2 - It is unusual but becoming more common all the time. I think the fact that cats are staying inside more and their food is more balanced and healthy, cats are now living well into their twenties.

  12. A summer garden delightful! And....delicate and fragile Jenny and beautiful Willow....thank you for sharing today Deb!