Friday, August 29, 2014

Ebony & Peach

Today I have five houses to visit on my route. That will be a total of eight cats to provide 'tender-lovin' cat care' for.  I will say "so-long" this morning, also, to the beautiful Ebony. She is a gorgeous, 16 year old black beauty and I have been caring for her off and on for 5 years now.
This is her bed. :)

Of course it has a pink blanket.
She's all lady and rather pampered, you know.

It's also a day to do some grooming at the home-front. Someone needs a brushing and a nail-clipping, too. That was quite evident last night when she landed on my lap and I still have the pin-hole marks in my leg to prove it.
"Sorry, Peach."

"You know who I'm talking about."

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie is a little peach. Love Ebony. I had a black kitty named Magic. He was 21 when he went over the bridge. He talked to me his whole life -- quite the little man. No other kitty like him.

  2. All we have to say is "you need your toesies clipping" and feet miraculously get tucked out of sight.
    Jane x

  3. I have to cut some claws, too. I can tell it's time when they knead me and it hurts. I always knew they were happy when they were inflicting pain on me...

  4. There is nothing quite like the feel of a sharp cat claw digging into one's flesh!

  5. There's something extra with a black cat. I've often thought our Satchel - now 17 and deaf but still a sweetie - behaves more like a dog in a cat suit.

  6. Nail clipping here @ 44 too. I think we should have called Miss Addy ---- Freddy . Time to get the treats ready .....
    Hope everyone has a great long weekend.

  7. Ebony is a beautiful lady. I love Black cats; their eyes always seem to be yellow and piercing. Peach has lovely colors. Thanks for sharing cats; they're my life too! Have a great weekend, Deb. Greetings Jo

  8. Your cat pictures are wonderful. Don't you just fall in love with them all!

  9. Ebony is one lucky kitty-pink blanket and all :)
    Sweet Annie ♥