Saturday, August 2, 2014

The dream curl or ESS cat-scratcher

Someone left our cat-scratcher on the deck (huh?...I know. Why?... you ask. I asked that, too.)
Then it rained a lot.
One cat-scratcher bit the dust.
The inside of this wonderfully-constructed item is cardboard and when wet it quickly falls apart.

So, it was time for a new one.
Sierra was the first to break it in.
First you have to get your scent on the under-side.

Then you have to sit on it.

And if you fit that well in it and look that cute...geesh!

it is yours.

I think we need another one.

I recommend you purchase one of these for your cat. All four of our cats enjoy it and use it daily. If your cat shows little interest in cat-scratchers, rub a bit of catnip on it for the introduction.

hugs, Deb


  1. I wonder why none of my cats took to the S scratcher? I don't use catnip since one of my cats couldn't seem to handle it. The sweetest tempered cat in the world turned into the girl who starts the bar fights the minute she touched cat nip.

  2. My kitties love these too! And when they're not wet, they're quite sturdy.
    Sierra looks very happy.

  3. SIgh. Too bad Alex peed on ours!!

  4. Aww, how cute! I've often toyed with getting one. Right now we have a cardboard scratcher lounger shaped like an ess and they both really like it. Great pictures!

  5. I always purchased the cardboard ESS scratchers. I saw one of these and purchased it because I was sure it would be economical--wrong! The cats didn't like it. I finally donated it to the no kill shelter where I volunteer.

  6. It looks perfect! And cute kitty approves!

  7. Yes, you're going to need another one. Sierra looks quite comfortable settling into it like that!

  8. We do have one, but it is the kind that you hang over a doorknob. I will look for one of these curvy ones...

  9. I went out and bought one of these the last time you mentioned it, and my four kitties LOVE it! Even the two old guys. The little hanging toy was pretty quickly popped off and I see it here and there around the house, so they are still playing with it, just not the way it was intended. I snap it back on, but then find it upstairs! I am planning on getting a second one! Great share, thanks from Rusty, Stewey, Katie and Lucky!

  10. awww, how cute. I'll get one for our grandson that looooves his cats.

  11. our Manx Bob loves the ESS. He is always curled up in one of the swoops.