Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let's have tea, shall we.

Here's the three younger ones having a nap together.
They have found their quiet corner.

I can't post photos around the house right now because I live in bedlam as the reno's continue but there is always a corner to plunk down and enjoy a cup of tea.

So let's, shall we....

I'm going to introduce my all-time favorite loose tea,
I keep my tea in a little tea cupboard.

Margaret's Hope  Darjeeling Black Tea has a slightly fruity taste. I add a bit of organic honey and it is amazing.
You'll need a little tea-strainer.
and maybe some company in the kitchen as you enjoy a cup.
"Hi Lily."
Just hang the tea-strainer on the tea-pot
and let it steep for 7 minutes.
Now go get yourself a cookie.
Yes, don't ever forget the cookie. ;-)

Saying that...I better get out for my walk.
Have a great day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the "tea" mug. I thought of you today when I was out shopping with a buddy of mine. Found some handmade pottery made in NY. This store is very expensive, but I was happy to find something that was made by hand. Lovely casseroles and one or two mugs. I didn't take the plunge, but I can feel them calling to me! I have to visit one of the local potters instead!

  2. I love the napping kitties giving you "the eye!" Oh that Lily is watching your every move, too. I like the tea cupboard very much. I love the way my cabinet smells when I first open it. I like the way you think...a cookie MUST accompany a cuppa tea!

  3. I like Darjeeling also. There's a combination of loose teas that the tea shop always has out for sampling that I love. I forget the names now... but it sure is good. I usually use black tea (perferably English Breakfast) with cream and a tiny touch of sugar.

  4. I tend to go for Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast. Always with something on the side.

    Audrey's got an eye on you!

  5. A woman who understands tea and its symbiotic relationship with cookies! Brilliant.

  6. Your tea cabinet is so sweet and this tea sounds like one I would enjoy!! Oh and a cookie of course!

  7. Love your little tea cupboard!

    Laughing at the upside down kitty face looking at you! My, they do love their cardboard, don't they? It's in their DNA!

    We're starting our kitchen reno October 1st. I'm already tired of the mess and it hasn't started yet! hahahaha.....

  8. I stick to basic Yorkshire Gold tea, although every now and again, I'm tempted with the Celestial Seasonings herbal teas.
    Our local Publix store has an English import section, They carry some of the best biscuits, my favorite being chocolate digestive....simply heavenly :)
    Love your little teacup, and the sweetest of onlookers...your kitties;.

  9. Ah, I think you gave me some of that Margaret's Hope tea, didn't you? (Gone now!) YUM!

    I must give you honey when I see you next. Excellent harvest this year!

  10. Hi Deb. Looks like all your kids are still ruling the roost. They are so precious. We have inherited two outside cats and one is expecting!! Something needs to be worked out with our neighbors!! You can't let them starve so guess where they like to stay.. A cup of tea and a (or maybe 2 or 3) cookie sounds good right about now. It was great hearing from you..Happy Tuesday..Judy