Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kitchen window-seat HOG.

"Oh my word...look at this quaint kitchen window seat."

Can you just see yourself sitting back with your morning coffee listening to the birds at the feeder?

"Oh, man...
... she is such a dreamer.  
Like she would EVER get to sit there."

"I would SO HOG that seat."

Poor Audrey. She is living amongst chaos right now as we are renovating the center room in our home. Out with the old stove, fake-stone wall and mantle. We are replacing the sliding door and adding a window. We just purchased a beautiful gas stove to add before Fall arrives so that the cats can stay toasty-warm.
Lots of changes...something all cats hate.

More to come...



  1. Oh how lovely! A new kitchen remodel....hope to see the debut in pictures! Audrey's expressions are always priceless!

  2. Hi Estelle - no, the renovations are in the living area. We are changing one wall completely and adding a gas stove. The photo I showed is just a future dream for me. :)

  3. Anything that keeps cats nice and toasty is good! Love the green color on the cabinets; looks peaceful. Our kitchen is knotty pine...kinda has a cabiny feel. But I'd tear it all out in a heartbeat to get better lighting, windows, and a double frenchdoor set to look out at the backyard! LOL!

  4. I love home re-dos, even though they are a tremendous amount of work it is so refreshing to shake things up a bit! That lovely window seat reminds me of my mothers house. When she moved into it, the first thing she wanted my dad to build was a window seat.. and so he did.

  5. Audrey really does have "that" look in her eye!

  6. Audrey, are you little angry???

  7. A kitchen like that is a dream voor me .I think Audrey would love to sit there and see the birds !!!

  8. I love the pale green and cream kitchen, I would not have thought of those colours but they look so good.

  9. Oh, I love renovation! Sounds like progress to me. :-) And I know the animals hate it, though. We're going to be putting hardwood in our upstairs this fall. I know poor Tuppence will go crazy.

  10. Oh, yes, cats hate change like that, and they'll be quite vocal about it!

  11. Oh...exciting!
    Are you good with renos?
    Not me...I freak out!
    Can't wait to see some pics....
    Enjoy your evening..
    Linda :o)

  12. Oh it's true they do hate change. I heard from my cat sitter that Charlie is pouting! Sara went over tonight and gave hims some attention!!

  13. I absolutely love that kitchen!

  14. That kitchen with the window seat is gorgeous - yep, I could see you fighting off the kitties to sit there with your morning coffee!


  15. I love a window seat. That's Lizzie's favorite birding spot! Sweet Audrey!