Monday, July 11, 2011

2 questions

I have 2 questions. I have been a little over-whelmed with all the wonderful, informative, gorgeous blogs that are available and wonder how do you decide on the ones to follow? So many have things of interest for me but where do you stop?

Also, am I the only one who gets a real charge out of cleaning the kitchen? After dinner I love to put some music on and I can spend an hour just primping the kitchen. I think it is partly because I love to play with dishes even if it means just cleaning them and putting them away.
That's odd, right? Oh dear! When I was younger I hated cleaning up after meals. What happened? Should I get help?

And I don't mean the help that I sometimes get from this one........
                      "Oh my heavens...she darn near killed me"

who apparently was made to work a little harder tonight than usual and is being quite the drama queen for you.

Tomorrow I get to meet Twinkle.   Don't you love that name.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb...Love that exhausted look! lol And no...I really don't enjoy cleaning the kitchen! But I do find I work best on a rainy day...nothing else to do, I guess! As for your first question...I just choose blogs that have things I am really interested cats! :-) Happy week!...hugs...Debbie
    PS...Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  2. I don't enjoy cleaning the kitchen, but I do like it to be clean. And there is only one way it's going to get that way. Sigh.
    I follow so many blogs that I"m at my limit. I had to go back through and find a few that had closed, so I could add some more. I guess at some point I will have to get really choosy and I don't want to have to do that. I wish they would let me follow as many as I want to.

  3. Aunty Deb,
    My Mama said, just follow your heart. As for cleaning the kitchen....hmmm....we leave that to Mama. That includes cleaning our plates too. har har har *evil laughs*

  4. Hi Deb,

    It looks like all your cleaning and primping of the kitchen tired this little one out. All your cats are just adorable!

  5. Greetings, Milady! So nice of you to visit me at The Writer's Reverie and live a comment, too! Sure hope you'll stop back and follow me as I'm now following you - have you met MY Literary Cats? Copperfield and Emma! Check out my blog archive and they'll pop up from time to time. You're job is an interesting one. You remind me - and look very like - my neighbor (who recently passed away) Lorraine, who always cared for our cats when we visited my son in New England. She loved our cats so much she got two for herself and invalid husband. I will miss her. She was Canadian and all her family lives there. Love cat stories. I'm always fascinated at the handiwork of God in forming the beauty in such creatures. Remarkable!
    Miss Kathy

  6. I hate cleaning the kitchen, but love to de-clutter. :-)

    As for following blogs, between the blogs I follow via Blogger, and the subscriptions, it's at least 400. Can't keep up. Most are cat-related and have come about via the cat blogosphere, others are photography, etc. I try to comment on most of the CB blogs, most of the time, but usually just lurk on the others. It's almost a full-time job, all the visiting/commenting, and there are only so many hours in a day, 10 of which are spent related to my real job. LOL.

    -Kim from Fuzzy Tales

  7. First I usually only follow animal blogs, but do have some non-aminal blogs I follow simply because they are friends or because they are funny. I also usually only follow blogs that tend to follow me too, unfortunatelly. There are so many good blogs out there, but there just are not enough hours in the day to follow everyone and leave comments.

  8. Well I'm not a huge fan of doing them that is. Buying them and making pretty tables, yes I love that. I do find some joy in hand washing Pyrex and my pretty new finds and seeing them sparkle. As for blogs..its really hard. I have followed so many and I would find myself skipping many so I finally had to unfollow them. It takes so much time and I decided I just have to read the one's I really love. Yours is one of my favs but one of the few cat blogs I follow...go figure. I think it's you and your true love of cats that has me hooked. Charlie sends his love after your sweet comments about him!
    hugs, Linda

  9. blogs, I have concluded, are like cats and potato chips: Can't have just one!
    I read about 200 daily and comment on maybe a third. I keep saying I'll cut back.

  10. Certain blogs just touch my heart
    No, I don't like to clean the kitchen Maybe it is because only now, in my later years, am I learning to cook! Also about a quarter of the things I make turn out edible, a quarter sem-edible and half inedible! So there's lots of work for little return. Also, where I live, the window is across the room from the food prep area. Maybe if there was a window..... Nah!

  11. Me and mom follow blogs with cat´s.
    We are not followers on all blogs we visit , some we visit through Facebook.
    Right now we follow 66 blogs and we try to make comments on all , not every day maybe but once in a while :)
    It´s like someone wrote before us , that it´s a fulltime work if you shall comment on all every day.
    My mom don´t like cleaning at all !!!
    But she do it anyway :)

  12. I wish I could love cleaning the kitchen! Playing with's very positive approach to cleaning :-)

  13. Hi Deb,

    Who you follow is a personal choice. Like many of the others above I follow pet blogs first then I follow other blogs that involve interests of mine (such as cooking). Not every blog I follow follows me back but the vast majority do.

    I follow over 300 blogs as well and devote 2 to 2 and a half hours at least 5 days a week reading them and commenting on the vast majority. Sometimes I have to say due to the interest of time and having a life I don't always comment on those that don't comment on mine. Those that comment on mine I make a point to read and comment. It's only fair. But, I also do read many who aren't following me. It's all up to you.

  14. It's hard keeping up on all the fun, interesting and pretty blogs. Sometimes I get on a roll with one or two new ones and then things slow down a bit.

    So many blogs... so little time... ;)

    I get in a mood to clean and organize every once in awhile too. I'm glad it doesn't hit me too often ~ ha!

    xo Catherine