Friday, July 29, 2011

Office accessory & "YIPPEE"

I'm quite smitten with my new office addition. I am still waiting for the last bit of varnish to dry but let me show you bits of her.
She's called a wash-stand and is approximately 100 years old.
Her hardware is original
She has very deep drawers
and a cute little cupboard
She's made of fine wood (pine, I do believe) Correct me if I'm wrong.
She is replacing plastic filing drawers (Ugh!)
and I just love having her here.
She makes me want to paint the whole room again.
She makes the room feel so cozy
Do you think NOW one of my cats will become the office cat? When she is all done I'll show her again.

Gord & I have become very close. He does not hide anymore and follows me everywhere. Even with all the insulin pokes he still gave up on being anti-social. Tomorrow his owners return. How I will miss this lovely 'ol guy who pretends he's crotchety and really he's just a PUSSYCAT. "Couldn't fool me, Gordo."
                                                           "GOT LUNCH?"

hugs, Gord's new friend

Three-legged Custer  (TLC) was adopted yesterday from our local animal shelter. This meant a lot to me after meeting him and seeing how he really needed to be in a home and exercised throughout the day to keep his muscles strong. What a beautiful cat he is and only 1 year old. I wish I could have hugged him before he left and whispered a sweet message in his ear.  "All the best to you, Custer. It was a privilege to meet you. Good luck, Buddy"


  1. Yay for Custer! That is always good news when one of the lovelies is adopted. h

  2. Wow, a beautiful piece of furniture, and I love the hardware...... yes, it will sure beat the pants off a metal filing cabinet.

    So happy to hear that Custer has a 'furever' home. I wish every animal had a loving home!

  3. Hurrah! Hurrah! (Sniff, sniff. ). I am so pleased Custer got a home! I hope it is the perfect home for him. I pray he will be completely loved and cherished, superbly cared for and highly respected. Please keep us updated on how his adoption is going .
    Since I have been toying with the idea of returning to the east coast of the U.S. , my thoughts were I woud apply to adopt Custer and Johnny and bring them home. The economy keeps licking me in the bum, though, as my home is now worth 100,000$ less than I paid for it. Bleeh! We will see what fall brings.
    "She" Is gorgeous! Your taste is exquisite and your home is beautiful. As far as sweet Gordon goes: I told you so! And I still think that one day he will open his mouth to meow and words will come out!

  4. How wonderful for Custer!!! Did you notice that Tessa (shown on last post) also has only three legs?? She get's around quite well and doesn't even seem to mind the missing leg. I am sure that Custer will do just fine!

    As for Gordy....why am I not surprised!? I love working with the hard sells. Never fails, if you are patient and kind they ALWAYS fall in love with you or you with them. I'm not sure what happens first ;)

    And congrats on your new washstand - love antiques and your new treasure is no exception!

    "Her" and Romeo (who sends you purrs)

  5. I know it's hard to say goodbye to those sweet kitties, but it's for good reasons... to go home!! :-) My husband volunteers in a cat shelter, and he is always happy when he can come home with good news of animals adopted into good homes. I love the hardware on your new cabinet. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

  6. That new washstand is gorgeous. nice job on refinishing it.

  7. YEY!! Another furrever home found for a fine kitty! LOVE that stand. I have an old "dry sink" but it is in sad shape structurally. It looks so pretty though that I keep doctoring it up. It came from a Charleston,SC mansion and my friend had no use for it. I know you (and the kitties) will enjoy yours for years. Gordo is too darn cute and can cry curmudgeon all he want...he wuvs you!! Have a great weekend!! Sue and Rosie

  8. I am so happy to hear Cust has found a home! I hope Johnny is next!