Monday, July 11, 2011

That look & a few more wedding photos.

It was very humid today so Kane stayed home while I drove to pick up keys and meet new clients. When I tell him he will have to stay with the cats until I return he goes to his 'spot' to be sure that he looks dejected as I am slinking out the front door. I always tell myself...."don't look behind you" but something makes me turn around to say "I'll be back soon, Bud and you'll get a special treat for being good" and I see this.

Never fails...I always feel like a clod.

Now, for those who love weddings I have some of the professional photos of my son's wedding to share with you. They had a wonderful honeymoon in Quebec City while the rest of us enjoyed having Riley around and now they are back home and back to normal life.

OK ...all done now.
hugs, Deb 


  1. Beautiful photos! Such a lovely couple and that Riley can steal hearts for sure. Poor Kane that would break my heart also....they are good at 'the look' aren't they!!

  2. Ohhh these photos are just wonderful! Sooo pretty! I love the bridesmaid's dresses she chose, very smart because they can be worn again!

    OMG Riley looks like an angel, these are just wonderful!

    I also love the new look to your blog, fantastic!

  3. Fantastic ~ such a wonderful looking group of people!
    xo Catherine

  4. Very nice and happy wedding pictures, and a very upset looking dog, lol !

  5. Wonderful Wedding Photos !!! All Sweet and Happy : )
    and I think in the same way as Gattina, Your dog wanna go the wedding too : )
    Thanks for share with us

  6. LOVELY wedding photos !!!
    Me too think that doggie look a bit upset *MOL*

  7. Poor dear Kane. His doggy heart is breaking! That look! He's got it down.

    Really beautiful wedding photos. Crossing the bridge, so symbolic. The colour of those dresses is too marvelous. Love it! The whole wedding was just amazing! Any more photos for us?

    Deb, did you ever put a baby picture of yourself next to a photo of Riley? Did you look like her even back then? Because you two certainly look alot alike now!

  8. Love these precious with Riley in the wagon! Love the one with Kane too! :D

  9. Oh those are such beautiful pictures. I love them and just look at the beautiful little sweetheart, those pictures of her are adorable, just adorable.. Hugs GJ xx