Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just tea

Tea.....I drink it everyday and have a collection of teas that could stock a tea shop. For my birthday this year my daughter Jess gave me different teas to try and try I will. I just wish YOU could drop over and sample some of these great teas with me but since you can't (or can you?) I will try them and give you a report on which ones are the best. Oh yes, and what cookies go best with tea. I'm like my friend Barb who can't have a cup of tea or coffee without a cookie. She's my kind of girl.

This tea cup came from South Korea as a Mother's Day gift from same daughter.

She was teaching there and saw this and just had to send it to me. THAT alone makes it so special. Isn't it just stunningly gorgeous?

I'm a bit of a dishaholic so I have LOTS of dishes in cabinets, cupboards and on shelves. Tea pots pop up everywhere around here and of course I do have a favorite.
This was one of many gifts from my friend, Christine the summer before she died of cancer.

I taught this girl how to open a wine bottle

 Before she gave it to me, all wrapped up with a bow and all, she said..."God, don't drop this on your foot whatever you do." She knew how clumsy I can be. Remember the fractured rib? I still can't sneeze without swearing. When I make tea in this pot she is right there sharing it with me.
 How many cups of tea and coffee did we have in 15 years of friendship? I don't know but I do know where we had our last one.

Tea with friends seems to be a universal pleasure many of us share.

When I don't have anyone around there is usually a feline member of the family that would love to share tea-time with me. (Well, at least lie across the table preferably with it's tail where it shouldn't be.)
 My grand-kitty Rae-Rae prefers Cat-nip tea, of course.

I'd love to know some of your favorite teas.

hugs, Deb


  1. I teared up at your remembering the last cup of tea.
    You and I should do tea together...right now I'm drinking chamomile & peppermint with lemon and honey. I like blueberry, cranberry, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, English Breakfast, Oolong, jasmine,and yes, catmint teas! And that lava boiling hot tea you get at chinese restaurants.

  2. I know you have wonderful memories of your friend! I love that teapot! The dragonfly is special. My favorite tea is Earl Grey or Lady Grey and of course Sweet Southern Iced Tea! hugs, Linda

  3. I do enjoy tea, but don't have it very often as most folks in WI are coffee drinkers. Like you said, what is tea without a friend to share it with. Right now with summer in full swing, we're into iced tea around here.

  4. Well you know I love my tea Deb ~ and to be able to sit and have a cup of team with you would be wonderful! My favorite tea is David's Tea - 'Kiss Me Kiss Me' right now. My most unfavorite tea is Earl Grey.

    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

    Love your tea cup!
    xo Catherine

  5. Katnip Lounge -haven't tried the lava tea as yet but it sounds interesting.
    Linda-I'm not an iced-tea fan...wish I was. Yes, I love the dragonfly too.
    Mariodacat-coffee will do in a pinch.
    Catherine - I'm gonna get me some of that Kiss Me Kiss Me tea next time I'm in a tea-shop. I'm with you on Earl Grey.

  6. My mos isn´t much for tea , she is a coffĂ©drinker. Strong Swedish coffĂ© !!!
    She just love that tea cup from Korea !!!
    Me too like to have my tail where it´s most in the way for mom :)