Monday, July 18, 2011

In search of cats in windows and a give-away

The cats are on the deck by 6am these mornings. Is anyone enjoying this hot, sticky, humid weather? I hate it and I hate what it does to my hair. Are you like me....your hair looks so bad that you just have to have  a crappy day. Flat!     Finally, last night we had rain. Now I look like Moe from the Three Stooges.

I am thinking of my 'cats in windows' obsession and hoping to find one today. It's been awhile. I have noticed many new cats in the neightbourhood lately. That's a good thing to me...not so much for others, I guess. I'm sure some don't appreciate cats walking around but mostly we are cat lovers. I noticed there are 4 white cats on our street now. Our white cat Lily never leaves the deck. That's good because they all look identical.

I heard from Catherine at that Banjo had received his gift and was happy to announce that he had enjoyed a few meals already from it. Go on over to her blog and say Hi. She is a gifted photographer, crafter and cat-lover. My kind of girl.
Since Banjo enjoys it so much and I have a really busy few days ahead with cat-sitting, I have decided to have another give-away of this same dish to my followers. I purchased a few of them when they were on sale so now I can share them.
The only difference is the colours are reversed and the dish is round.

Leave a comment letting me know you are a follower or maybe you would like to become one now. I love to see new followers so I can drop over and visit them, too.

I'll pick the winner on July 20th

hugs, Deb


  1. I enjoy your blog....and love cats!
    Now I am thinking I should take some pictures of my cats snoozing in the sun-but not many windows here-mainly sliders.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. This is Sue and Rosie from Bloggin bout my Boys and I read you EVERY DAY when my family isn't recently with my hubby fighting MRSA and E.coli :(. I saw that dish at Mackinac City and thought of you!!! Would love it! I always say hi to every window kitty I see...people think I am crazy, but to me it would be rude not to greet them:D!! My hair usually is more Larry LOL!!!

  3. I think that all white cats share a common purrsonality as well: DIVA! Oh wait, that describes all cats, doesn't it!

    I'd love to be entered in your drawing...

  4. Oh Deb it is hot here also! We get some early time on the porch then its back inside for the air. Love that bowl and Charlie would love to enter your giveaway. I am a follower of your wonderful blog. hugs, Linda

  5. Of COURSE I am a follower! I am proud to say I was one of your first followers!!! I absolutely adore that bowl!

    I can't stand this weather either. I have a chronic kidney condition (medullary sponge kidneys), that translates to that my kidney's JOB is to make stones. I am ALWAYS full of 100s of them. Hot weather is the worst because dehydration promotes stone growth.

    Anyway, never thought I would say I miss the snow and cold!

    Loved the comparison to Moe (but I am sure you do NOT look like THAT!)

  6. Hi! So nice to meet you! Nice place you have here. Think I'll kick up my paws and look around.

  7. he he - M is always looking for cats in a window too. She never takes a picture tho - she really should sometime.

  8. Haha ~ this made me laugh Deb! I totally get the humid thing ~ it must be like that all over Canada right now. Only, I don't have the 'Moe' thing going on! My hair just gets bigger when it's this kind of weather! ;)

    Just to let your readers know that the sweet dish is even cuter in real life and I wish them good luck in winning it. I have photos of Banjo enjoying his snack out of the dish on my blog this morning.

    Umm..... I used it last night myself for eating some veggies and dip for a snack.... is that wrong?? Well I couldn't help myself ~ it matches my kitchen and is so darn cute!!!

    Keep cool Deb!
    xo Catherine

  9. I wish I was one of those people whose hair becomes fabulously curly in the humid weather but alas it just gets flatter and straighter!!

    My boys love to hang out at the windows and I love to come home and see them waiting for me :-)

  10. At least you have thick hair. My thin hair hair gets, flatter, limper and even more stringy! We've had the rainy season and the dust storms together this year. Horrible!
    My kitties are inside during the 43C days and are allowed to go in and out to their catio during the night time hours when it cools to 31C. Luckily, I live in an area where I feel comfortable leaving the sliding door open.
    Count us in for the kitty dish! What a perfect treat server! So, so cute!
    Give Johnny and Custer kisses from us. We think of them all the time.
    Love to you and your family, kitty and human alike.

  11. I saw Banjo with his new dish so I came to visit and I joined as a follower. I love cats. I have two....Deva and Smokey.

  12. Dearest Deb,

    From 'Banjo' I got here and follow you now. You can check out 'Our Felines' from my Label to the bottom right of my blog...
    Enjoy the summer heat, we got 40°C again today... Real HOT.
    Lots of love,


  13. Aww... just as well cats don't mind us having bad hair days :-)) Love your kitty images and so pleased to hear you've got more in your street. Each household should have a cat (for their own well-being - if only they knew!!).
    So pleased to see the darling Banjo received the stylish dish - and I agree, Catherine really is gifted!
    P.S. And Deb, thanks so much for your lovely words on GLP. Sometimes these little destinies keep me awake at night - I can't rest before I know they're out of their misery.
    ... I love the pictures in your side scroll!

  14. Yes I do love your blog but I must admit I *follow* for Mr. Ed. Every time I see his beautiful face I just get all smiley. He's just so awesome!


  15. I have followed your blog for a year now and am inspired to expand my cat-sitting services.
    Fortunately cats never have bad hair days. Those of us with curls just end up with frizz on these humid days, so don't envy us. A hat or headscarf is the best cover-up.

  16. I'm a follower and love your blog!!

  17. Deb, just to let you know I can't seem to comment as a blogger, so that is why I'm posting as "anonymous." It won't accept my password...but at least I can say hello this way!
    p.s. now I'm trying a different way...and will see if it works. All to say, I'm an avid follower and love your blog!