Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh no.....not another hobby.

I'm not a 'crafty' soul but I do love photographs so I am using my own to make greeting cards.
 This will take some doing because, in my case, practice makes perfect. So I have some of my favorite photos waiting on a board to be placed on card-stock and I will do a bit of scrap-booking. Again......not crafty! Soooooooo not crafty but willing to work at it.

This may become another 'hobby' that will cut into my sleep hours again. Like blogging isn't bad enough.

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=photographing our feline friend.
I'm no expert, that's for sure,  but I have learned a few things recently about photographing cats.
First, if you can, go to the cat. Do not pick the cat up to put it where you want it to be photographed. That usually will not work well. It is better to wait until you see the cat in a perfect spot, in a perfect position with just the right lighting to take advantage and get the perfect shot.
Never use a flash.
Stay quiet and un-obtrusive.
Take many photos with the hopes of ending up with 1 perfect one.
And here is the most important tip I can give you...Have your camera handy at all times if you live with a cat. You will be amazed at all the opportunities that come your way, throughout the day, to get that amazing photograph. I can't think of anything that makes a more beautiful addition to any photograph than a CAT.

I received a very pretty card in the mail yesterday." Thank you, Linda" from A La Carte for the sweet birthday greeting. You wrote such a nice message about your love of cats and concern for the home-less ones. It made me happy to know you enjoy my blog. With our postal strike everything is late arriving so it was a lovely surprise for sure.  Drop over to meet Linda at and say "hi". She's a dish-lover, like me.
This one's a keeper

hugs, Deb


  1. A great hobby if you ask me..and your sure have the cats to do it with! :D

  2. So many fun ideas... so little time... I like your card idea ~ i've done that before too. Very fun!

    Banjo and I received our prize today Deb ~ it is even cuter in real life! We love it! I am going to show photos this weekend. Banjo's already eaten his dinner out of it! :) Thank you for it and the sweet little card. Did you make it? It looks crafty to me!

    Have a terrific weekend!
    xo Catherine

  3. Good photo advice. If you check out my blog archive, you'll be able to visit My Literary Cats and meet Copperfield and Emma - photographed just as you've mentioned above in an opportune moment. Bad lighting gave the shots a vintage effect. I have them framed in the living room. As to Copperfield - he's in the doghouse today. Spilled my tea all over my keyboard and what a mess! Computer was useless to me until I got to the store to get a new keyboard and mouse. Ya! Love my babies, though!
    Miss Kathy

  4. You have the best cat photos so I think your note cards will be wonderful. I am so glad you liked the card and that it finally arrived. I always try to take photos of Charlie and sometimes he will even pose for me...yes he knows that camera by now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. hugs, Linda

  5. Another hobby is always a good thing....the older I get the more I do....ha! Love your blog, I had a long visit..thanks.

  6. Goodness! Those cards will be lovely.
    I cannot imagine your day! It is so full! But it seems to suit you because the things you do turn out beautifully. You're doing everything and I'm barely making it through my day! I'm getting a complex.

  7. My mom is also using pictures for greeting cards :)
    Very appreciated by the receiver :)

    My mos she knows ho hard it is to get ONE good catphoto !!!
    Wish you a PURRfect weekend :)

  8. If you sell your cards I will be the FIRST in line! Your photos are amazing. I have to ask, is there ANYTHING you DON'T do well? :)

    Great tips for taking cat photos. I am guilty of using a flash but I DO go to Cody!