Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kane &Frank

First off, A big "Happy Birthday" to our dog, Kane. He is 11 years old today.
We have been celebrating his birthday already this month by taking him to favorite spots so today it will be an ice-cream cone and a few extra hugs. "We love you Kanie and hope for many more years with you"

Orange cats just make me smile.

They look like little clowns to me. Not sure why.

Frank is an 'ol fella who expects me to stay put and not leave until he is good and ready to release me.

He's a hard one to leave. I find I spend a lot more time with Frank than other cats but that's what you do when you are in my business. It's important to be able to read the cat and watch it's body language to give you an idea of how well it is doing on its' own. Tonight I sat on the kitchen floor and groomed Frank for what seemed like an hour. He was in heaven but then I think I owe that to him because he wants to go out and it has been raining so his leash and harness will have to wait. Poor Frank! Tomorrow is another day.

He is old, as I mentioned,  with a some-what fragile physique. Older cats sometimes do not drink enough water so water must be added to Frank's food. Even his treats have a bit of water added on top and he laps it up with gusto. 

I feel so privileged to care for the older cat. They are full of personality and  their little faces tell you the story of their life. Fortunately, most cats that I care for have had a very good life; a life full of love and respect. I love to watch their little habits surface as I get to know them and to listen to them purr in my arms. They are old souls and have such 'presence' in their home.

Frank's owners return tonight and I know he will be so happy to see them. He will have bed-buddies again and fall back into his normal routine which is so important to a cat of his age. 

I hope to care for Frank again....maybe in his 18th year. I reminded him today as I kissed him 'good-bye' that my Ginny lived for 24 years and that I expect him to do the same. I think I saw a grin on that little clown face.

So what's on your to-do list today? I'll be making Eggplant Parmesan (see recipe at My Farmhouse Kitchen tomorrow's dinner (main course for me...side dish for Gary) and since my new washstand is now sanded down on the top and varnished it will be finding a new home in my office. Can't wait to show you. Plastic be gone!

Lily wants you to know I trimmed her nails today and she's not speaking to me.

hugs, Deb  


  1. Happy birthday, Kane! Ice cream sounds yummy!

    Lily, we don't blame you for not speaking to your human. Our human usually can do only a few claws at a time before we've had enough, which is why she always gets a tech to do them when we have to go to the v-e-t for something else. :-P

  2. LOL...'not speaking to you' funny but so true!
    I love my cats. We had a dog for a few years but I just can't seem to adjust to their personality. I get along well with our cats and we have had a few.
    Thanks for sharing- and HaPpY BiRtHdAy to Kane! Woof!

  3. Poor Lily. Our Emma can be quite put out with manicures. Our orange Copperfield, though, loves it and gives himself thoroughly to the experience. Happy Birthday, Kane - beautiful dog!
    Miss Kathy

  4. Happy birthday Sweet Kane !!!!
    I hope you have a fun and wonderful day !!!!


  5. Happy Birthday Kane! He is the sweetest guy! Love Frank, what a cute face. I've never been a Mama to an orange cat, well not yet anyway.

  6. I had an orange cat like that named Peaches, a lovie. Happy Birthday to Kane, may he live in your arms for another 11 years1 :D

  7. Deb, Orange cats make me smile too!!!

  8. Happy birthday, lovely Kane! ANd kitties are so lucky to have you looking after them, Deb!

  9. Happy Birthday Kane!!! Dakota said he wanted to especially send you special birthday greetings since you are both of the Sheltie persuasion! lol

    I adore orange kitties and Frank is just so handsome. They remind you of clowns and they remind me of Ron Howard. I know I am insane :)

  10. Happy Birthday to Kane! I expect you spoiled him rotten...
    Frank is a doll! I hope he has many years left to him, ornj boys are such special cats.

  11. Ornj cats are the bomb. I will never forget my beloved GinGin & Taffers. Twin Ornj sisters that graced my life with their presence for nearly 17 years.