Saturday, July 23, 2011

I love Gordon

'Baby-steps'  may be rushing it with Gordon. This took planning.

On arrival, Gordon's tail is visible under the living-room curtains. OK...step one. Find the cat  (check)

I sat on the floor and slowly pulled the curtain back. Gordon froze and his eyes were the size of gum-balls.

"Hi Gord. How is your day going so far?" 

After 5 minutes of one-sided chatting, Gordon's eyes shrink in size and he  moves to the kitchen. OK....step two done.

He sits and stares. I move into action with the food and water. I show him my thumb and the can and his expression stays the same.

Once food is administered, I step back and sit on the floor just feet from him. He moves in to his feeding station and begins to eat, eyeing me the whole time.

"Did I mention Gordon needs insulin?" Oh, ya. I am already armed and like a cat ready to pounce I start to move slowly towards Gordon. He just keeps eating.

I place my hand on his neck and I hear a purr start. "Oh for heaven's sake, Gordon. Are you food driven or what?"

I administer the medication and Gordon never skips a beat. "DONE"

Once he's eaten he saunters away. "Gordon, want to play 'mouse on stick' with me?"

"BUG OFF" he says.

Round 2 tonight.

Hugs, Deb


  1. LOL You are such a takes a person who can read animals and people..thats you! :D

  2. Oh, well done! Administering medicine to cats can be a very tricky business, particularly with a 'new' resident. What a sweetie he is:-)

  3. Great job !
    I had to give my Sydney insulin for over eighteen months, but just so long as food was involved he never flinched.
    What a lovely cat Gordon is...

  4. Hello Deb!
    Aww poor little fellow. Are you giving him a needle or putting it into his food?....I think the former. :( At least he doesn't seem to mind what ever it is you're doing to him as long as food is involved LOL! I like the picture of him licking his chops ...he's enjoying himself. I hope your day is a good one...and a cool one!
    Maura :)

  5. How wonderfull!
    Gordon is such a gorgeous kitty..

  6. Such a trooper! Our Fuzzy knew that his treat in the morning came with a jab; but he lined up, ready and willing every morning for SEVEN years! Gordon is a good boy.

    Say, Kane is a pretty good photographer...I saw the pic on your sidebar and laughed my fool head off.

  7. Great work :)
    Gordon is a very handsome cat !!!

  8. I'm now in love with Gordon! What a funny guy!

  9. Say, you ARE good! Dear Gordon doesn't realize it but he is in the hands of a master. He' a a very attractive fellow, isn't he. Bet he falls in love with you! He'll shortly turn into better in your hands. Love to all.

  10. Hey, I love Gordon too! Oh wait, different Gordon. HAHAHAHAHHA! Nah, I love this Gordon too. What a great cat.

  11. You have such a wonderful way with cats!! You are truly a cat lady.